Path Planning Games

Eat the apples and reach the portal.
You're a very hungry worm. Eat the apple, and reach the portal. Sounds easy? You'll fail most of these puzzles the first time you try them!
Every level is an optical illusion.
This game is full of impossible geometry and optical illusions. Look closely to find the connecting paths.
Remove the cubes and get to the red square.
Slide the gold cube to the final red square... But, you must pass over every other square on your way! The 16 levels are pretty easy... Then, it gets really hard!
Drive the streets and bring your passengers home!
Need a lift? Collect big fares by bringing the passengers home. Plan your route and don't crash the taxis!
Eat the leaves and escape!
This caterpillar may look friendly, but these puzzles are just mean! Can you worm your way to safety?
Blast the towers out of your path.
Cyber Tank reporting for duty! Your path is guarded by robotic sentry towers. Will you blast them out of your way, or sneak around their field of vision?
Out-think the robotic defense system.
Welcome back, Cyber Tank Commander! Out-think the robotic defense system and infiltrate the enemy base.
Arrange the tiles to light up the lines!
Light up the tiles! Arrange them in a connected line to turn them on. Can you solve these puzzles?
Get to the hole safely, without crashing!
Ready, set, Snake! Get your snakes back to their pits safely. Plan your route carefully so they don't crash into each other!
Meet the Doods! Make blocks of the same color.
Meet the Doods! Slide the jelly blocks around the grid to connect all blocks of the same color.
The Thing is hungry, and he's following you.
The Thing is hungry, and he's following you around. Leave a trail of food for the thing to eat, but try and place food on all of the tiles!
Slide the snakes to escape the basket!
Help the green snake escape the basket! Slide the snakes to clear a path to the exit. Can you solve all the levels?
This bear is hungry! Collect all the picnic baskets.
There's a hungry bear on the loose! Help him eat his way through the picnic and escape back to the forest.
Get the robot to the finish line.
Program the robot to reach the finish line by placing turns, tubes, portals and more in his path!
The duck is stuck! Help him out of the tubes.
The duck is stuck! Connect the tube segments and make a path for him to escape.
The dead have risen! Push the skeletons and zombies back underground.
The cemetery is haunted! The monsters have all risen from their graves. It's up to you to push them back where they belong.
Help the workers deliver their packages!
The workers can't remember which way to go. Get those packages delivered! Give them one set of instructions to bring their packages to the conveyor belt.
Stretch the tails to color the grid.
These puzzles will tie you in knots! Stretch each tail until you fill the whole grid with color.
Zap yourself into the target square.
Use your lightning powers to zap from wall to wall. Enter the portal without flying off the course.
Just like the title says... fill every square!
If you are feeling empty, this game is sure to fill you up. Grow your snake to fill all the squares.
Slide across the grass and get in the hole!
Slide and score! Use the walls to change direction and roll to the hole. You'll need to figure out portals and other obstacles to get there.
Escape from the shark-infested waters!
You're going to need a bigger boat! Reach the buoy to escape from the hungry sharks.
Help Tom find the hidden treasure!
He knows how to run, but he has no idea where to go! Place walls to help Tom find the keys and unlock the hidden treasure chests.
Can you bend the light?
Can you bend the light? Use your mirrors to control the reflections. Light up all the targets!
To solve this puzzle you have to pull it apart!
Can you solve a puzzle backwards? The pieces start locked together, and it's your job to pull them apart!
Save the stranded astronauts!
The astronauts are stranded in deep space. Jump in your spacecraft and pilot the rescue mission.
Shift and slide matching tiles together.
The colorful hexagons need to be stacked up. Follow the arrows to move them on top of each other.
Smash these sticky jellies together!
Smash the sticky jellies together. Combine them to make new shapes, stick to walls, and solve puzzles.
Plan ahead! Make the square boxes hit the yellow circles.
Plan ahead on this great puzzler! Seems simple enough: Make the square boxes hit the yellow circles. The first two levels are easy... The rest? Not so much!
Plug in the green wire to power on!
Stretch your wire across every tile and close the circuit. Pick up coins, keys and more to solve all 20 levels!
Help the monsters reunite and collect the coins.
The red jelly monsters have been stranded on an alien planet! Help them reunite and find coins along the way.
Get the monster to eat all the cookies!
Similar to our B-Cubed game, but with cookies! Can you figure out how to get the monster to eat them all?
Help an energetic bunny collect carrots and race!
Help an energetic bunny collect carrots and race to the finish! Includes plenty of puzzles for all ages and appealing cartoon visuals.
Help Moley grab the gems and reach the exit.
Moley needs your help getting home! Build a path for him to climb, jump and fly to the exit safely.
Dig up gems and get rich!
Assemble your train tracks and set your cart in motion. Dig up gold and diamonds and get rich in the mines!
Fill it all. Don't miss a spot!
X marks the spot! Fill up every space and finish on the X. It starts simple until you need to use portals and jumps to draw the right path.
Fill all the spaces again!
Slither across the tiles and fill them all up. Use portals and jumps to get to the X. Can you solve all 30 levels?
Connect the operations to reach the target number.
Find a route to the target number! Slide your number around the board. Use the operations at just the right time.
Grab the keys and free your friends.
Your friends are trapped in the boxes! Follow the arrows and slide the boxes onto the keys to set them free.
Find matching robots and smash them together!
This laboratory was built for explosions! Find robots with matching patterns and smash them together.
Push through the grid.
Get through the maze without turning! Every block goes in one direction. Can you push them all into the targets?
Flip every tile from red to blue.
Is blue your favorite color? Use your flips wisely and turn every last tile blue.
Guide the lights through the darkness.
These two lights move together through the darkness. Guide them both to the right place simultaneously.
Connect the numbers and hit the targets.
Calculate and connect! Use a little math and a lot of planning to connect the numbers and hit the targets.
Carefully plot your path to complete the sequence.
Carefully plot your path to complete the sequence. Count up or down to hit all the targets.
Connect the roads and light up the path!
The roads are jumbled, but there is always a solution. Plan your moves and light up the path forward!
Think diagonally to get in the holes!
Think diagonally to slide your pieces into the holes. Plan ahead or else they might pop back out.
Slide the boxes into place!
Master the art of box sliding. Expertly land your boxes on the marked tiles, and use the metal crates to smash through walls!
Slide the tiles onto the matching colors!
Slide the tiles to change their colors! Can you figure out how to match all the colors?
Joe got lost! Help guide him to the exit.
Joe only knows one way to walk: straight ahead! Use your items to guide him safely to the exit.
Fill in the tiles without running out of moves.
Fill in the tiles without running out of moves. Figure out when you need to back track and find the perfect route.
A great logic puzzle! Make all the ghosts disappear!
A great logic puzzle! Make all the ghosts disappear by running them into the booms. The trick is to figure out what order you need to do this in!
Tend your garden and fill up the tiles.
Tend your garden and make it grow! Use teleports and avoid spikes to fill up all the tiles.
Twist and spin to light up the towers!
Twist and spin to connect the towers. Follow the colors and watch them grow!
Slide the roads to get your car home!
Put on your city planning hat and take to the streets. Slide the roads to build a path and get your car back home!
Stay out of the water!
This cactus has come alive! It can walk, climb and drop. It has just one weakness... water!
Guide the laser beams to their target!
Line up the lasers to light up the pods. What mysteries await in this alien landscape?
Get those pesky blockers out of your way!
Get those pesky blockers out of your way! Clear a path from yellow to white in as few moves as possible.
Time-traveling and gardening, a puzzling pair!
A time-traveling gnome makes for a very good gardener. Work together with your past self to re-plant all the flowers.
Slide your way to matching colors.
Slide your way to matching colors. Connecting one color isn't too tricky, but can you match them all at the same time?
Can you deliver the gifts without crashing?
It's Christmas Eve, and Santa has a sleigh full of gifts! Plan Santa's route so he delivers all the gifts without crashing.
Jump into the wind but don't get swept away!
Fly in every direction! Can you grab the coin and reach the door without getting swept away?
Push to reach the stars!
Red and blue must work together to reach the stars! Push past tiles and through portals to get each to its destination.
Build a bridge to cross the gap!
Building bridges made easy! Push the oddly shaped blocks to travel between platforms.
Real friends stick together.
Keep your friends close. Then keep their friends close. Keep going until you have a huge friend blob!
Take a walk in outer space!
Take a walk in outer space! Just watch your step, the path will fall down behind you.
A tactical test of attack and defense!
A tactical test of attack and defense. Sharpen your sword, polish your shield and charge through the enemy blobs!
Race to match the picture!
Slide tiles into place. Race against the clock to match the picture and set a new high score!
Harness the power of magnetic forces!
Become a master of magnets! Push and pull the metal circles into the right positions.
Can you twist your way out of this mess?
Untwist the tiles to reconnect the nodes. Can you spin your way out of this mess?
Slide, rotate and reach the star!
Slide, rotate and reach the star! Can you get Cub across the grid in all 61 levels?
Link up with your fellow cubes!
Link up with your fellow cubes! But make sure you can still fit through the passageways.
Stay out of the water!
The water-phobic cactus is back! Get through the mazes without getting wet and find the lost puzzle pieces.
Connect nodes to build a path.
Connect the nodes to build a path. It's probably not going to be the shortest way from point A to point B.
Mow the lawn alongside your mysterious twin!
Work together with your mysterious twin to mow the lawn. Can you finish without running over your own cord?
Chow down on tasty cupcakes!
You can eat every cupcake in sight. Just make sure to eat them in the right order!
Use magic powers to move giant platforms!
Use your magic powers to ride flying platforms! Dodge spikes and fly over lava to reach the flag.
It's golf without all that pesky aiming!
In this golf game you don't need to aim! Slide your balls into the holes in as few moves as possible.
Go small, go big, solve the puzzle!
Shrink down to mini-size and squeeze through small gaps. Or grow huge and push giant crates! Resize yourself to reach the exit.
Connect two lands as fast as you can!
Can you find the path to the other land? Rotate the tiles and connect the red and blue islands before time runs out!
Take a walk in zero-gravity!
Take a walk in zero-gravity! Use your wits and your grappling hook to float through space and reach the door.
Don't spill the ooze!
Don't spill the ooze! Line up your tubes to safely transport the toxic material. Make a longer path to earn bonus stars!
Guide your laser to the finish line!
Guide your laser through 7 different mini-games! Bounce off walls, escape a maze, do whatever it takes to reach the other side.
Transform to gain Fire and Ice powers!
Take control of powerful Elemental magic! Transform into Fire and Ice and knock these frowns upside down.
Learn to move, again and again!
Learn how to move again! Find your lost buttons and slither your way to the ending position.
Venture down into the slimy dungeon!
Venture into the dungeon in search of treasure! Can you unlock the loot without getting slimed?