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7 Second Haircuts: A Beginner’s Guide to the Haircut Game

Griffin Bateson / August 22, 2022
7 Second Haircuts: A Beginner’s Guide to the Haircut Game

Haircuts can take quite a while. Usually, you’ll be in the barbershop or salon for half an hour, an hour, maybe even two hours! Well, not here. In our haircut game, 7 Second Haircuts, players are only given 7 seconds to complete an entire hairdo. Grab some clippers, take a seat, and learn how to play 7 Second Haircuts, as well as a few strategies to help you succeed in running your small business.

How to Play 7 Second Haircuts

The controls for 7 Second Haircuts couldn’t be more simple. In the corner is a picture of the client’s desired haircut. It is your job to match that haircut as close as you can with the time that you are given. To clip their hair, all you have to do is click and drag in the areas that you want to cut.

The only other factor that comes to play is dyeing the client's hair. To dye someonright-clickou just right click across the area that you want dyed. That’s it, those are the only controls that you need to know for 7 Second Haircut. No arrow keys, no WASD controls, just pointing and clicking.

The more accurate a haircut that you give, the more money that you are given. Make sure to do well each day so you can pay your rent. Make it through all 7 days without going bankrupt and you win the game!

Strategies For Our Haircut Game

7 seconds is not a lot of time to complete a haircut. This means that players will have to be well-prepared in order to execute properly. Read on to learn some of our best strategies to complete your haircuts and earn rent money.

Be Fast

A big roadblock that people run into when playing 7 Second Haircuts is that they get too precise with it. You probably won’t be able to have a perfect haircut within 7 seconds. Instead, you should just try and do pretty well in one section, then move on to the next. If you are trying to make every single piece of hair perfect, you will never finish the haircut in time and end up getting penalized pretty heavily.

Use the Dye

Haircut Game 7 Second Haircut Gameplay

On top of cutting the actual hair, players must use dye in the later levels. Dye the client's hair blue by right-clicking. This shouldn’t take as long as cutting the hair, but we still recommend that you allot at least a few seconds to dyeing the hair.

Dyeing hair is worth big points, so make sure not to forget about it. If you fail to do so, it’s going to be pretty hard to pay the rent in the later levels.

Save the Little Details for the End

Sometimes there will be little hairs that you are unable to get at first. If you have time at the very end, try and trim things up a little bit. While this may not matter much at the beginning, tl details actually add up to be a big deal in the long run.

Stay Calm

7 Second Haircuts can be a little bit overwhelming. Before you begin cutting, take a deep breath and think about your game plan. After all, the clock doesn’t start ticking down until you make your first cut. This means that you have time to settle down your nerves and get mentally prepared to play our haircut game.

Games Like 7 Second Haircuts

While there isn’t another haircut game here at Coolmath Games, there are a couple of games that combine the fast-paced gameplay that requires players to perform under a certain time limit. If you love the high-stress, high-precision gameplay of 7 Second Haircuts, then we highly recommend that you check out our recommendations when you have the time.


Haircut Game Diff

In Diff, players must find the outlier in a group of many objects. For example, there might be ten elephants displayed on the screen. However, one of them has a trunk that is slightly longer than the others. While this would normally be easy, there is a time limit that is ticking down quickly, forcing players to use their brains quickly and efficiently. This quick reaction game has a very similar feel to 7 Second Haircuts due to the time being such a big factor.

Giant Sushi Party

Haircut Game Giant Sushi Party

Much like 7 Second Haircuts, players must satisfy customers within a short time period by providing a service in Giant Sushi Party. However, instead of cutting hair, you are delivering sushi to multiple hungry customers at once. Figure out what they like and deliver it to them before they leave! This time management game is sure to keep you on your toes.

So come and play our haircut game soon! If you like business games along with skill games, then 7 Second Haircuts is definitely for you.