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Gall-I-1 | A Guide to the Competitive Sketching Game

Griffin Bateson / September 19, 2022
Gall-I-1 | A Guide to the Competitive Sketching Game

There are a lot of different drawing games and a lot of different reaction games here at Coolmath Games. However, these genres rarely cross paths. This is where Galli-I-1 comes in, the drawing game where players must draw whatever picture they are told within a certain amount of time. 

How to Play Gall-I-1

Gall-I-1 has some of the most simple instructions of any game on our site. At the start, players are given an object to draw. This can really be anything, from a smiley face, to a tiger, to the sun. To draw, simply click and drag to draw whatever shapes and objects you want. When you are done, simply submit it for a score.

You may notice when you are playing that there is a timer that is ticking down. It starts at 45 seconds, and will continuously go down as you take more time to draw. When the clock hits zero, the game is over and you will be given a final score.

After submitting a sketch, you will be given an accuracy score. If you score high, then you will be awarded more time for your round. However, if you score poorly, time will be taken away from you. This means that there is a certain amount of precision that you must have in order to get a good score. However, players can't take too long on a picture, or else they will lose out on precious time. 

Gall-I-1 Strategies

While you may think that Gall-I-1 is all about your artistic skills, having a good strategy is much more important. With that being said, let’s check out a few of the most important strategies to get the highest score that you can in Gall-I-1.

Keep Track Of The Clock

It does not matter how good the sketches that you make are in Gall-I-1, if you do not keep track of the clock then it will be impossible to truly succeed at the game. It is key to find a balance between speed and accuracy in order to succeed.

Don’t Worry Too Much About The Details

Gall i 1 Gameplay

Newer players will often get hung up on the tinier details that don’t matter as much in their sketch. For example, if you are drawing a person with a beard, you don’t necessarily have to worry about every single aspect of the person’s face. As you can see above, the drawing of the person has no nose, ears, or eyebrows. Including these features would probably add around 5 seconds to the drawing and end up barely making an impact on the accuracy. Prioritizing what is important and what is not is everything in this game. 

Even without these details, the player was awarded 96% accuracy on the game, which is practically perfect. Adding in the other minute details of the face would have simply wasted time. 

Sometimes It’s Okay to Scrap Everything

Sometimes your sketches may just go wrong. You may have drawn a very imperfect circle, or maybe you just started drawing the wrong thing. It’s no big deal though! All you have to do is click the trash icon at the bottom of the screen to completely delete everything and start back over.

Remember, if you get a bad score on your sketch, time will be taken away from you. While it is important to draw quickly, it will hurt your score more to draw something fast and bad than if you draw something slow but good.

Games Similar to Gall-I-1

While there aren’t any other drawing games that have the same general gameplay principles that Gall-I-1 has, there are a few other drawing games that take great creativity and problem-solving skills similarly to Gall-I-1. If you enjoy Gall-I-1, then we highly recommend that you check out a few of the other drawing games that we'll review.

Car Drawing Game

Car Drawing Game Gall i 1 Blog

In the Car Drawing Game, players must grab the magic pen and design their own car to get through the entire road and reach the finish line. This is a great combination of a drawing game and a puzzle game. It is extremely important for players to draw the car with the correct height and width.

Traverse over large hills, spinning wheels, and floating platforms in order to win the game. Don't be afraid to get creative with your car designs, you'll have to think outside of the box in order to win.


Bloo Gall i 1 Blog

The objective of Bloo is simple – find a way to get the Blue ball to the green flag. Draw different shapes to create a path for the ball and find a way to push the ball down the path. While the objective is simple, executing this can actually be quite complicated. 

So come and check out Gall-I-1 now! Unleash your inner artist and try to get your new highest score with our tips and tricks from our Coolmath Games blog.