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Lipuzz: Water Sort | The Complete Strategy Guide

Griffin Bateson / September 26, 2022
Lipuzz: Water Sort | The Complete Strategy Guide

When most people think of beakers, they think of science classes where they must precisely pour different liquids into glass cylinders. However, in Lipuzz: Water Sort, players must find a way to organize the different-colored liquids into their own individual beakers. While this may sound a bit dull, it is actually an entertaining and unique science game that has gotten awfully popular here at Coolmath Games lately.

Don’t know anything about the game? No worries, continue reading to learn about how to play Lipuzz: Water Sort, and a few strategies to make it through our color sorting game quickly and successfully. 

How to Play Lipuzz: Water Sort

The controls of Lipuzz: Water Sort are extremely easy to learn. All you have to do is click on the vial that you want to pour the liquids out of and then pick the vial that you want to pour into. That’s it, there are no arrow controls or anything of that sort. This means that the color sorting game is extremely friendly to beginners who don’t like having to learn controls.

The actual gameplay of Water Sort is a bit more complicated. Players must get every color in its own separate vial. However, only one color at a time can be poured into a vial. This means that if there is a yellow layer and a purple layer in one vial, you cannot pour another layer of purple into the vial. You can only pour the purple into an empty vial, or a vial that only has purple in it and no other color.

Enough about how to play Lipuzz: Water Sort, let’s look at how to succeed in the game! Continue reading to learn some strategies to beat our color sorting game.

Strategies for Lipuzz: Water Sort

The concepts may be pretty simple, but the gameplay itself can be pretty tough when you get to the later levels of Lipuzz: Water Sort. Don’t worry though, we’ve got some great strategies for you to try out!

Plan Ahead

Color Sorting Game Lipuzz Water Sort Gameplay

A lot of the time, players will just start randomly pouring the vials wherever there is an open spot. While this may work okay in the earlier and easier rounds at the beginning of the game, this will rarely work out as you progress into the later stages. So take your time and figure out where you want to go. It is important that you try and think a few steps ahead instead of just making moves as fast as you can.

Take Advantage of The Extra Vial

Every five levels, players will be awarded an extra vial for their progress. You can use this in order to help you through the stage. Unless you want bragging rights amongst your friends, we highly recommend that you use the extra vial in order to help you get past the level. An extra vial can very easily become the difference between losing and winning the stage.

Try To Isolate Colors as Quickly As You Can

The name of the game is getting colors in their own vials. This makes it possible to have it as kind of a hub for the same color. For example, if you can make a place for every dose of yellow to go, that will free up space for a lot of the other colors.

Embrace the Struggle

Lipuzz: Water Sort can be a very frustrating game. As the game progresses and players are given more vials to sort, it can get much more complicated. No matter what happens though, it is important to keep your cool and not get too frustrated. When people get frustrated, they start making silly moves and performing worse. Just go into the game understanding that there will be frustrating rounds that will take you a while, and that is totally okay.

If you are ever struggling, you can always just restart the round, or use the undo button. Stay cool, reset, and know that you have got this.

Games Similar to Lipuzz: Water Sort

While there aren’t any games that are quite like Lipuzz: Water Sort, we definitely have a few other puzzle games that you will probably enjoy if you like our color sorting game. Once you beat Lipuzz: Water Sort, make sure to check these titles out afterward!


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So get out there and check out Lipuzz: Water Sort now! You might be surprised by just how entertaining a simple color sorting game can be.