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Help, I Cast The Wrong Spell – A Beginner's Guide

Griffin Bateson / September 7, 2022
Help, I Cast The Wrong Spell – A Beginner's Guide

Here at Coolmath Games, there are plenty of different magic games with all kinds of cool spells and tricks. However, in our new wizard game, Help, I Cast The Wrong Spell, something goes terribly wrong. Instead of casting a spell that is meant to help you, it backfires and begins to detonate dynamite that follows you everywhere you go.

How to Play Help, I Cast The Wrong Spell

The controls of Help, I Cast The Wrong Spell are extremely straightforward. To move, just use the ‘A’ and ‘D’ keys to go left and right, respectively. You can also just use the left and right arrow keys to move if you are more comfortable with that.

Make sure to use the spacebar to jump up onto platforms. You will need to jump a lot, considering that the terrain of most of the maps is very up and down. You can also get a boost in your jump by waiting for the dynamite to blow up underneath you. Just don’t jump too late, or else the dynamite will blow you up and you will have to restart the level.

All you have to do to beat each level is to make it to the door at the end of the map. This follows the theme of basically every platformer game on our site. Why change what works, right?

Strategies for Help, I Cast The Wrong Spell

The controls may be easy to learn, but beating our wizard game is a lot harder. Players will need cat-like reactions and excellent timing if they want to make it through every level and come out on top.

If you have already tried playing our wizard game and are still struggling a little bit, not to worry! We have a few great tips to help you become a dynamite-dodging expert.

Just Go Fast

There isn’t really much time to plan out your route. The second that you spawn on the map, dynamite will begin to start going off. This makes our wizard game more of a reaction-based game and less of a path-planning game.

No matter what, you just have to remember to never stop. No matter where you go, the dynamite will follow you. Just keep on trying to scramble up the map and more-than-likely, good things will come. Just make sure not to overthink it too much!

Use The Dynamite to Your Advantage

Wizard Game Help I Cast the Wrong Spell Gameplay

While the dynamite is definitely not your friend in Help, I Cast The Wrong Spell, it can be used to your benefit at times. As we mentioned previously, the dynamite can give you a boost if you jump right before it consumes you. If there is ever a ledge that seems like it cannot be jumped, odds are that you need to use the dynamite to get to the proper height.

Don’t Lose Hope

It is very easy to get stuck in Help, I Cast The Wrong Spell. Don’t lose hope though, you just have to believe that you will get it. It can be very frustrating getting continually blown up by dynamite on a constant basis. If you just keep your cool and continually give it your best effort, it is pretty much inevitable that you will make it to the door at the end. Just believe in yourself and good things will happen.

Games Similar to Help, I Cast The Wrong Spell

There are a couple of other platformer games that have similar game mechanics to Help, I Cast The Wrong Spell. Once you finish playing our wizard game, make sure to check out these similar titles.


Bloxcalibur Wizard Game

In Bloxcalibur, players must find their sword and slash through the map. Much like Help, I Cast The Wrong Spell, it is a platformer game that has an interesting twist to make it more unique. Players must swing their sword to get past the levels and come out as the winner. It’s got running, it’s got jumping, it’s got dangerous swords, what’s not to love!

Timmy the Timebender

Wizard Game Timmy the Timebender

Interested in playing a wizard game where you can actually cast spells to your benefit? Well come check out Timmy the Timebender, a platformer game where players are able to manipulate time and space. Slow down sections of the map to make it across barriers, dodge traps, and retrieve keys. If you have the time, check it out! You won’t be disappointed.

So stop waiting around and start giving Help, I Cast The Wrong Spell a try! Put our tips and tricks to use and we’re sure that you’ll succeed in our wizard game.