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Maze: A Puzzling Game to Test Your Mind

Griffin Bateson / April 8, 2022
Maze: A Puzzling Game to Test Your Mind

When you think of difficult games here at Coolmath Games, probably a few come to mind. World’s Hardest Game, Candy Jump, Big Tower Tiny Square, the usual. Well, lately we have come out with a game that may just be harder than any of them.

This week, we released the game Maze, a game that features 200 hard mazes, each getting progressively harder than the last. By level 20, you’ll already be struggling to get through the mazes quickly. This game is not for the faint of heart, so make sure to get in the right headspace before you begin. 

Are there different game modes in Maze?

There are actually three different game modes in Maze, with quite a bit of variation.

Time Attack

Time attack is the main game mode in Maze, and the most popular one amongst players. Time attack has 200 mazes, and the goal is for players to solve the mazes as fast as possible. This is the most standard game mode in Maze, and the one that most people attempt first.

Lights Out

200 hard mazes not good enough for you? Well in the lights out game mode, players won't be able to see most of the map while completing the puzzles. Lights out mode gives you a few seconds to get a general idea of what path you would like to take. After that, the map goes dark and you must maneuver your way around the maze with very limited vision.

Lights out includes the same 200 levels as time attack. It just simply adds an extra layer of difficulty to an already very challenging task. This mode is really made for those who are absolute veterans of the game. We recommend that you beat all of the levels on time attack before you choose to take on lights out.

Ultimate Time Attack

For those who beat all 200 of the hard mazes on time attack and are still hungry for more, we do have one more challenge for you. Ultimate time attack is our biggest map on Maze by far, with all kinds of twists and turns. Be warned though, it will take time, planning, and skill if you hope to get out of ultimate time attack.

Are these actually hard mazes?

We aren’t just trying to scare you when we say that this game is no joke. If you plan on beating Maze in one sitting, you’ll have to set aside a couple of hours, unless you’re a maze-solving wizard. We invite you to play the first 20 levels or so and see for yourself, you’d be surprised by how quickly the difficulty ramps up within the first 10% of the game alone. 

Are the controls of Maze hard to learn?

While Maze may be difficult, learning how to play maze is a breeze! Just use the arrow keys to decide which direction you want to go. Went the wrong way? Just hit the arrow key facing the opposite direction and get back on track! For a game with such hard mazes, learning the controls couldn’t be easier. 

What are some similar games to Maze?

There are a couple of options that stick out when thinking of games similar to Maze. One example is the game Long Way, which involves players trying to fill up all of the grey squares on the map. While it isn’t technically a maze, it requires players to think about which directions they need to go in order for them to navigate the map properly.

A second game that is similar to Maze is the game Layer Maze. While Layer Maze doesn’t have as many hard puzzles as Maze, it has a 3-dimensional component that really spices up the game and keeps players on their toes. 

If you get done with Maze and still want another game to challenge your mind, we highly recommend checking out the games mentioned above.

What should I do if I get stuck on a particularly hard maze?

We have a couple of tips if you get absolutely stumped on a hard maze and can’t make it out. The first thing we recommend is to think about it from another perspective. Start at the end of the maze and work your way back to the beginning. Oftentimes this can show you paths that you may not have seen before.

Another option - start on the outside of the map and work your way in. While this may not be the fastest way to get to your destination, it is helpful if you are trying to figure out all of your options. 

Now that you’ve heard a little bit about our new game Maze, make sure to go and check it out here. You might be surprised by just how fun and addicting this game is, despite its difficulty.

When you’re done with that, you can go and take a look at some similar games on our Maze Games Playlist right here