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Griffin Bateson / April 4, 2022 A Complete Guide is one of the newest games on our site, and many of you have already started playing it. For those of you who haven’t, no worries! In our Coolmath Games blog, we’ll go over the general rules of the game, as well as some tips and tricks to help you win and be crowned the Hexanaut.

What exactly is is a new .io game where players are attempting to try and take over as many hexagonal tiles as they can by enclosing the space with their tails. It is up to you whether you want to take over open tiles or enemy tiles, both of which are viable strategies. The further you branch out to take territory though, the more likely it is for an enemy to come in and destroy your tail, ending your hexagonal conquering. 

How do you win

Hexanaut is won when players have control of 20% of the map or more. However, you are not crowned as the winner, or Hexanaut as it is called in this game, immediately. You must fend off your territory from your enemies for an excruciatingly long two minutes before you officially win the game. 

Tips and tricks on how to win

Maintaining control of 20% of the map is much easier said than done in this new .io game. There are enemies at every corner trying to take over your land and destroy your tail. Luckily for you, we have a list of a few ways to win and be crowned the Hexanaut.

Take over the upgrade tiles

There are several tiles placed throughout the map that are there to aid you in your expansion. There are portals, lasers that will take over tiles for you, and speed boosts to name a few. These upgrades are extremely important when trying to progress in the game, as they are one of the only ways to gain an advantage over the competition. If you see one placed throughout the map and it is attainable, that should be your focus until you get it.

Always keep an eye on the enemy

When playing, you always need to be aware of your surroundings. If you want to go for a large chunk of space, check around and make sure that there aren’t any nearby players before going for the area. Getting a lot of space is great, but it can be risky as you are extremely vulnerable to getting your tail cut off.

Watch out for your own tail

If players hit their own tail, they are out. This is pretty much the same rule as the game Snake. Running into your tail can especially be a problem at the very beginning of the game when you don’t have many hexagons that you can connect your tail to. 

Is it hard to win is definitely one of the more challenging games on our site to win. Grabbing 20% of the map is definitely no small feat. However, this just makes winning a game of Hexanaut all the more satisfying. 

Even if you don’t come out victorious, this game is still tons of fun to play. There is so much fun to be had in just taking over enemies' territories and destroying other players’ tails. Even if it takes you 100 games to win and become the Hexanaut, we can confidently say that you'll still have a fun time playing the first 99.

What are some games similar to

We have a few .io games on Coolmath Games that you might have heard of that are pretty similar to Hexanaut. A few that come to mind immediately are and before, both of which have pretty similar gameplay and are all about taking over the competition and rising to be the most powerful in the lobby. You can check out our blog that is entirely about .io games right here for an in-depth look at these games, along with some general information about the .io genre as a whole. For these games and others where you can go against real-life competition, you can also check out our multiplayer playlist here.

So get out there and take over those hexagons! Who knows, maybe you’ll be crowned the next Hexanaut.