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There are four keys in the countryside. Each is hidden within a different type of maze. Look carefully and find them all!

Warning: This is the hardest Layer Maze game yet! Flip switches to move sliders and unblock new paths in the maze.

Help the blue ball escape the maze in the ultimate 3 dimensional layer maze challenge. Use your new ability to re-color your ball for a whole new challenge.

Find your way through more great layer maze levels. Collect all of the stars in each level to lower your time and improve your score!

Escape a 3D maze with lots of layers. Did you think the first Layer Maze game was too easy? Then try this one, it's a lot tougher!

Escape a 3D maze. It looks 2D at first, but you can move between layers of the maze. You'll need to memorize each layer's layout to make good time!