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Mini Stilts - Our Complete Guide To The Fast-Paced Reflex Game

Griffin Bateson / March 28, 2022
Mini Stilts - Our Complete Guide To The Fast-Paced Reflex Game

Mini Stilts is one of the newest games on the Coolmath Games site, and quite possibly one of the most fun. The goal of this fast-paced reflex game is pretty simple - players are trying to grab the candy at the very end of the map. Players can move up and down on stilts to avoid any dangers that face them. Once the candy is retrieved, you move on to the next level. Rinse and repeat until you make it past all 27 levels and win the game. 

Sounds easy enough, right? Well in your way there are spikes above and below you, as well as moving purple monsters whose only objective is to destroy you. On top of all of that, you are always moving, with no choice of stopping to slow down and think. The only way is forward, so players need to stay calm and rely on their gaming skills and reflexes if they hope to grab the candy and make it through all of the levels of this high-paced reflex game. 

What genre is Mini Stilts?

Mini Stilts is a lot of things rolled into one. For one, it is no doubt a one-button game. Players are either able to use C, Space, or left-click to move their stilts up or down in order to avoid traps and mobs. They don’t even have the option to use the arrow keys to control where they go, the game will just continue to move them forward whether they like it or not. This is why your reactions have to be on point, there is no option to slow down the game and consider your options and what you are going to do next. This reflex game aspect of Mini Stilts really gives it a fun dimension.

At the same time, Mini Stilts can definitely be considered a platformer game. Players are trying to get from one side of the map to another in order to retrieve the green candy and move on to the next level. This is a classic definition of a platformer game. If you are looking for more platformer games, you can also check out our playlist here

Along with this, Mini Stilts can also go in our Quick Reaction Games Playlist, which you can find here, along with our Strategy Games Playlist, which you can click here to go to. If you are unable to quickly dodge the spikes and monsters that are trying to stop you from getting the green candy, then this reflex game is going to be very difficult for you.

Mini Stilts is a hodgepodge of genres combined into one fun and fast-paced game. It doesn’t really matter what genre you call Mini Stilts, it just matters that you’re having a fun time while playing it. 

What are some similar games to Mini Stilts?

Mini Stilts is actually part of a series of games that all start with the word 'Mini'. There are a bunch of other one-button platformer games such as Mini Blocks,Mini Bubbles, Mini Colors, and Mini Push. All of them still feature the same character as the one in Mini Stilts, just with slightly different colors and small variations to them. The games also differ slightly, ranging from sliding off of the walls to flipping gravity. They all have variations that make for some really fun and exciting gameplay.

Along with this, a few other games similar to Mini Stilts include Mango Mania and Beavus. We recommend that you check out all of them once you finish playing Mini Stilts. They are all just different enough that you won’t get bored while playing them, but they still have the same themes and tone throughout the games. 

What is the speedrun feature of Mini Stilts?

When you start playing Mini Stilts, you might see a tab that says ‘Speedrun’. Speedrunning is when players try and see how quickly they can beat the entire game. It is meant for those who have already beaten the game and want to see how they can do compared to other players. We recommend the speedrun setting for people who have already played and beaten Mini Stilts at least 3 or 4 times and feel very confident in their abilities to beat this difficult reflex game. 

The speedrun setting will keep track of how quickly you beat the entire game, as well as your time level by level. While it may start out difficult, you will eventually start to memorize the game and get faster and faster times. 

Currently, the top time is around 2 and a half minutes, although anything under 10 is considered impressive. 

No matter what though, the important thing is that you have fun while playing Mini Stilts. Whether you try and beat it in record time, or just want to casually play it and try your best, we hope that you have a great time playing this action-packed platformer game.