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Tilted Tiles: A Beginner’s Guide to The New and Challenging Game

Griffin Bateson / August 18, 2022
Tilted Tiles: A Beginner’s Guide to The New and Challenging Game

Tilted Tiles is one of our newest and most fun Coolmath Games. However, some players struggle to make it past the first few levels in this cube game due to its difficulty. Not to worry though, we've got you covered with some strategies for beginners.

Before we hop into any strategy though, we first have to go over how to actually play Tilted Tiles.

How to Play Tilted Tiles

The game has extremely simple game mechanics. In each level, players start out as a 1x1x1 cube. To move the cube, just use the arrow keys to move it left, right, forward, and backward.

The goal of Tilted Tiles is to go over every single tile once without falling off of the map. Once a tile has been touched, it will drift off the map after you leave it for another block. Make sure to remember this as you continue playing our cube game.

In the later levels, there will be brown cubes scattered around the map. Once players knock into the cube, it will attach and you will become a rectangle. This will allow players to reach further with each move, but they will also have to think more about how much space they take up on the map. It definitely becomes a double-edged sword as you continue to grab more and more blocks.

Besides that, the game mechanics of Tilted Tiles are pretty easy to learn. The straightforwardness is one of the biggest appeals of the game. The puzzles may be complicated, but the controls and gameplay mechanics are easy to pick up.

Tilted Tiles Tips & Tricks

Beating Tilted Tiles is no small feat, it will take some serious path planning and puzzle-solving skills in order to win. Not to worry though, we have a few strategies to help you get through our cube game and achieve 3-dimensional victory!

Plan out your path

In most maps, the first move is crucial. If you do not choose correctly, the rest of the level is pretty much pointless. Due to this, players have to think all the way through in order to beat each level. Map out your path and what you are going to do, and you are likely to succeed in this game.

Pay attention to where you connect your blocks

The direction in which you connect your blocks is crucial. Make sure to think about which block shape you will need to beat the level. Stages with long gaps may require long, skinny rectangular blocks. On the other hand, some stages may require odd shapes that are able to jump to blocks that are close by but placed diagonally. You will have to consider these possibilities when given the option to add a cube.

You only need one block on the path

Cube Game Gameplay

Unlike a game like Bloxorz, players only need to have one block on the map to stay upright. This is especially important once you begin to add on more blocks and get bigger pieces to maneuver.

Think about where you are going to end

Dead ends are your worst enemy in our cube game. Oftentimes in Tilted Tiles, there will be at least one dead end. When planning out your path, you should especially focus on how you are going to get out of these precarious positions. Maybe adding on another cube will allow you to do it, or maybe there will be a sneaky route to let you circle back into a more central position. Whatever it is, you will probably have to think ahead quite a bit in order to succeed.

Cube Games Like Tilted Tiles

Surprisingly, there are actually two other cube games that are similar to Tilted Tiles. Much like Tilted Tiles, they are both logic games that players just can’t get enough of. If you enjoy Tilted Tiles, we highly recommend that you give both of these games a chance when you have the time.


Cube Game Bloxorz Gameplay

How could we make a blog about a cube game without mentioning the king of cube games, Bloxorz! In Bloxorz, you are playing as a rectangle that must find its way into a square hole that is cut out in the map. While the concept is simple, it gets mighty complicated trying to maneuver your way through the entire map without falling off. Combine this with levers, buttons, and falling orange tiles, and you have one of the all-time Coolmath Games classics.

To learn more about Bloxorz and what makes it so incredibly fun, check out our blog all about how to play Bloxorz.


Cube Game B-Cubed Gameplay

While Bloxorz is the most popular cube game on our site, B-Cubed is still definitely one of the more popular titles here at Coolmath Games. In B-Cubed, players are playing as a cube that is trying to touch every single tile, and finish on the red square that is placed on the map. The catch is that players can only touch each square once, much like Tilted Tiles.

However, there are a few other traits of B-Cubed that make it unique, including special blocks that have unique abilities such as creating new paths along the map.

So what are you waiting for, go out there and start playing Tilted Tiles! Once you are done, go and check out our blog all about some of the best puzzle games of 2022 here at Coolmath Games.