Tingly Bubble Shooter

Tingly Bubble Shooter Instructions

Clear the stage of all the bubbles before the ceiling collapses! Use your mouse to aim the bubble, and click to shoot. Connect three or more bubbles of the same color to pop them all. As you move along the levels, you’ll unlock bubbles with special abilities that will help you clear the board quicker. Try making combos for extra points and a quicker cleanup!


Tingly Bubble Shooter Tips & Tricks

Think before you shoot. Take a few seconds to look around the board at the beginning before you start shooting. Look especially for groups of three or more bubbles that match the color of the one on deck. Taking out groups larger than three will land you some extra points! As you start to clear out the board, avoid shooting bubbles around randomly. Instead, try setting up extra colors in groups that are easy to take out.


Bouncing off the walls. You can utilize the walls around the screen to spring bubbles off and into place. This trick is especially useful when trying to get a bubble into a hard-to-reach area or to get around other bubbles already on the board. Use your knowledge of angles to aim and shoot the bubble right into place. 


Aim high. Clearing groups of bubbles towards the top of the screen will cause other bubbles underneath to fall down too. Keep and eye out for groups that serve as an anchor for bubbles below. If you’re able to, launch a bubble as high as possible to try and break up the anchor group. More bubbles will fall and you’ll score some combo points!


Use specials strategically.  As you move along the levels, you’ll encounter bubbles that have special abilities. These abilities will help you clear multiple rows at once, so it’s best to shoot them into your most problem areas. You must use the special bubbles as soon as they appear on deck, so you’ll have to think fast!


What You Learn From Playing Tingly Bubble Shooter

Playing a few rounds of Bubble Shooter can help improve players’ ability to visualize and calculate angles to plan their next move. This game also helps strengthen pattern recognition and critical thinking skills.

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