Mystery Games

Get out your spyglass, top hat, and cane, it is time to become the world’s greatest detective in these mystery games. You will need to have an eye for the small details and good deductive reasoning to succeed in all of these games.

About Mystery Games

Get your sleuth on in this collection of mystery games here at Coolmath Games. These are all made for players who have a tendency to notice the minute details in life. From mysterious doors, to odd escape rooms, to haunted mansions, there is a lot of variety in this unique collection of games. 

What are mystery games?

Mystery games are games where players must discover secrets that aren’t present at the beginning. For instance, in the game Abandoned, players must decipher notes in order to find out where to go in the odd area that they are trapped in. You must solve puzzles and figure out how to use mysterious items in order to help you progress through the game.

Sometimes players must read clues as well to try and figure out the next course of action. For example, in Lost in the Firefly Forest, players have to roam around a giant map that is often confusing and just plain odd. However, there are clues that you can read that will help clarify what you need to do in order to get out of the firefly forest.

What is the most popular mystery game?

Trace is both one of the newest and most popular mystery games at Coolmath Games. The premise is that players must solve puzzles and figure out ways to unlock doors and escape the odd alien-like house. Make sure to use the notepad and the camera to keep track of clues and items that just seem a little bit out of place. If you are a fan of mystery games even a little bit, then this should be your first stop.

If you would like a mystery game that is a little bit funnier and more out there, we suggest There is No Game. Contrary to the title, this is a game that is full of interesting clues and funny dialogue. Listen to the narrator to figure out what to do in order to progress. However, he won’t always tell you accurate information. This is a game that requires outside-the-box thinking and a lot of trial and error.