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About Number Games

A lot of people assume that number games are kind of boring. We here at Coolmath Games could not disagree more. There are a variety of ways to make numbers fun and exciting. Whether it’s racing against the clock or applying math to sports games, you can easily have a great time doing some calculations. With so many different subgenres of number games too, you can find just about any style of game you want. There are the classic addition/subtraction games, but there’s so much more variety than just that. Drawing games, aiming games, cooking games, magic games, sports games, the list goes on. There are practically no limits on what a math game can be.

Why would anyone play number games?

Great question! Many people wonder why anyone would play number games for fun. Oftentimes these games use quick math skills to give you an advantage in the game, but the actual game is already enjoyable, math or no math. So if you are a math whiz, the math element of the game does nothing but help you. Along with this, your math skills will continue to strengthen while having a great time doing it. Take Penalty Kick Online as an example. While the main part of the game is scoring and blocking goals, having some math skills goes a long way in winning. If you can answer a math question quickly, you earn an extra penalty kick. This is a major advantage and actually gives the game a great new dimension to it.

What are some fun number games?

Most games you click on are likely to be enjoyable. At Coolmath Games, we take pride in creating educational games that are also fun. This means that you are going to be playing something that is meant to be enjoyable. Applied math games tend to be very popular amongst players, but we recommend browsing around the playlist to see what catches your eye first.

Is there a trick to 2048?

There are many different strategies when playing one of our most popular number games, 2048. Our go-to strategy is the bottom left corner strategy. Your goal should be to push the highest number into the very corner. Try and pretty much always swipe either down or to the left. Never swipe up, unless you are absolutely forced to.

It is important to note that you can really go in any direction you want, it’s just important to stay consistent. It is fine to go to the top right corner if you would want, just don’t change your strategy to the other direction in the middle of the game. Having a plan is everything if you want to succeed in 2048.

Can video games help you with math?

Video games are a great way to learn math. You can fine-tune your skills in addition/subtraction with games like Plus 10 or Sum Blocks. Hone in on your multiplication/division skills with games like Number Drop or Calculate This! Practicing math will help you, whether it is doing times tables in class or competing against a computer in a video game. 

If you want to learn math while playing a regular video game, don’t worry! We have tons of skill and strategy games that just integrate math to give the game another dimension. One great example of this is Darts. Players must use their skills and aim to hit bullseyes and score points, but they must also solve math problems in the game to keep all of their points.