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Educational Games

Maddy Marcus / April 9, 2020
Educational Games

Not everyone learns by reading or watching -- some learn by doing. We may be a little biased here, but we tend to believe fun, hands-on learning is the way to go. There’s a secret hidden beneath some of your favorite Coolmath games. Our games have a purpose beyond just plain entertainment -- and that’s to enhance your brain by acting as not only entertaining games, but educational games as well.

These educational games tend to disguise learning and skill improvement behind a playful atmosphere that’s appealing to users of all ages. Consciously, you’re on an adventure of a lifetime -- scouring dungeons and solving puzzles. But unconsciously, your brain is taking in every bit of information and improving itself based on the skills and logic needed to beat that particular game.

How Playing Trains Your Brain

From age-old brain-trainers like Chess, to newer, more exciting adventures, like Fireboy and Watergirl, you’ll find a whole treasure trove of mental workouts that won’t ever get boring. Test your memory, devise a game-winning strategy, improve your math or spelling skills, whatever area of your brain you choose to beef up, just know you’ll have fun no matter what while playing these educational games.

Here are just a few ways you can train by playing:

Problem Solving

Playing a variety of puzzle games can help train your brain to look at all different angles of a problem and search for the best possible solution. Games like B-Cubed make you use both problem solving and spatial awareness skills in order to solve the puzzle.  

Memory & Concentration

Some people may say that getting absorbed into a game is bad for your brain, but we beg to differ. Focusing hard on a game that requires your full concentration, like Run 2, tests your ability to memorize each level so you can move forward and conquer new stages. 

Processing Speed

Games like Math Clash test your ability to calculate and process simple math equations in a very short amount of time. To put on even more pressure, the speed at which you solve a problem dictates your point total. So to beat your opponent, you’ve got to think fast!

Resource Management

Did you ever think a game could help you learn how to grow a thriving business? Playing Lemonade Stand puts all the basics of business in perspective. Learn to keep your resources stocked and your cash flowing to use the principles of supply and demand to your advantage. 

Thinking Outside The Box

For some problems, the solutions may not always be straightforward as you’d like. Sometimes it’s best to clear your head, take a few breaths and think creatively. Puzzle games like Blue, Yellow, Red and Black take you on a relaxing artsy  journey by compelling you to think outside the box to get the solution.

A Game For Everything

Reading, math, science, history -- there’s a game for that! Improve your skills and knowledge in any of the core subjects all while playing and having fun. There’s a carefully curated library for every major area packed full of entertaining games that’ll keep you on your toes. 

Here are some of our favorites for each subject matter:

  1. Math     
  2. Science/Technology
  3. Spelling/Vocabulary  
  4. Economics/Business  
  5. Geography

Time to Get Started!

It’s easier than ever to get yourself on a tight, brain training schedule. You don’t have to be a student in order to get the mental workout you deserve. Browse the extensive library of educational games to find your favorites and dive in -- they’re perfect for anyone! Learning has never been this much fun, so what are you waiting for? Play now!