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What Are the Best Free Online Games?

Maddy Marcus / April 17, 2020
What Are the Best Free Online Games?

The Internet is a big place, and while there’s tons of awesome paid content across the web, the best things truly come for free. The ability to play free online games is perhaps one of the biggest treasures the Internet has to offer, and it’s what we’ve offered since day one. 

As the gaming world moves towards microtransactions, online subscriptions, and paid DLC, we want to be somewhere you can go with no paywalls or mandatory subscriptions, just free games. Sure, you can always purchase a membership to play ad-free, but a free online gaming experience is what we have and always will provide for you -- not to mention the added benefit of a good mental workout. 

Gaming With a Side of Learning

Beneath the surface of every fun, engaging game on our site is an educational component designed to help users work out different areas of the brain while playing. 

No matter your age, your brain is constantly developing and improving new skills. Why not give it a fun little push? New and old, each of the hundreds of games on Coolmath Games are here to help you beef up your brain. Improve your math or spelling skills with games like Math Clash or Hangman. Test your memory in Memorize Fast or devise game-winning strategies with classic brain-trainers like Chess

Playing Coolmath Games can also help strengthen time management, processing speed, problem-solving skills, and your ability to think outside the box.

Read more about the educational benefit of our games in this article

Some of Our Favorites

Free games exist everywhere - on the web, on your mobile device, on platforms like Steam, and even on big-name consoles from companies like Nintendo and Sony. 

Think of your browser as a console of its own. Hanging out on Coolmath Games is basically like popping in one cartridge that plays hundreds of games from all different genres. From dungeon crawlers to classic puzzle games, we’ve got a game for everyone no matter your skill level. 

We love all our games equally, so it’s really hard to narrow down our favorites. You can never go wrong with a good, old-fashioned game of Checkers, but with something new to play everyday, how could we just settle on one?

That being said, we still came up with some of our favorites from each big category.

Strategy Games

The Final Earth

Strategic Tic-Tac-Toe

Mainlands Wars 

Pre-Civilization Bronze Age

Puzzle Games


Tetroid 3

Block the Pig

Parking Panic

Logic & Number Games


Make 24


Calculate This!

Classic Games




Retro Ping Pong

Word Games

Word Surge



Word Detector

Play all of these and hundreds more free online games right here on Coolmath Games.