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Draw Parking – A Beginner’s Guide

Griffin Bateson / October 13, 2022
Draw Parking – A Beginner’s Guide

When thinking of fun things to do in gaming, parking a car is definitely not one of the activities that come to mind. Cars should drive fast and dangerously in order to make for a fun game, right? Well, when games combine the precision of parking with the creativity and fun of drawing, it can actually make for a really fun and strategic game.

We are of course referring to Draw Parking, the new puzzle drawing game here at Coolmath Games. In this game, players must get all of the cars on the map into their correct parking spots. This may sound easy, but just give it a try and you will realize how difficult it can be.

How to Play Draw Parking

The controls for Draw Parking couldn’t be easier! Simply click on each car and drag it along the map to set the car’s path. Do this with each colored car until you have set the path for each vehicle. Once you have set every single path, click the play button at the bottom of the screen and watch your cars drive into their spots.

Watch out though, if two cars cross paths at the same time then they will run into each other and crash. Players must reset and make a new path if they crash their cars. While this can get more difficult as you are given more cars to park, do not worry! We have some great strategies to get your vehicles parked quickly and safely.

Draw Parking Strategies

Despite the simple format and controls, players often run into some setbacks once they have to start parking 3 or 4 cars on one level. This is because it gets harder to find space for every car to drive around, and collisions become much more likely.

Enter The Parking Spot Completely Straight

In real life, it is important to pull into a parking spot straight on. It is no different in Draw Parking, where players must make sure that not a single wheel is outside of the rectangular box that cars are attempting to drive into. To do this, swing out wide before going into the spot, that way you have more space to straighten out before entering the parking zone.

Avoid Crossing Paths

Draw Parking Puzzle Drawing Game Gameplay

As mentioned earlier, players must avoid crossing the paths of cars at the same time. This will result in a collision and players will end up restarting the level. Whenever you can, avoid the crossing of paths to stay safe and in one piece.

Make Long Paths to Avoid Crashing

Another way to avoid crashing is to set a path for one of the cars to get behind and follow the path of the other car. If a car is pursuing another car, they can’t crash into one another when going at the same speed. Simply follow the other car, and then diverge from its path once you need to go towards your parking spot.

Sharp Turns Are Dangerous

Sometimes players will need to turn the corner quickly. However, when turning at too sharp of an angle, the car can actually end up crashing due to its own momentum. Always try and sweep out wide whenever you have the room. It may be a little hard at times with the limited space, but whenever possible it will be very helpful.

Puzzle Drawing Games like Draw Parking

If you end up beating Draw Parking and want a similar puzzle drawing game, you are in luck! We have tons of other fun drawing games here at Coolmath Games. Let’s hop into a few similar games that you might enjoy if you liked Draw Parking.

Car Drawing Game

Car Drawing Game Puzzle Drawing Game

Instead of controlling where cars will park, players in Car Drawing Game are drawing the actual car itself. Pick the correct height, width, and overall design of the car to make it past the obstacle course in front of you and get to the next level. This is a great game for lovers of strategy games.


Gall-I-1 Puzzle Drawing Game

Gall-I-1 is kind of an out-there idea, but definitely a fun puzzle drawing game. In this game, players are given an object to try and draw. Once the drawing is submitted, it is judged based on its accuracy using artificial intelligence. Make sure to draw fast, the clock is ticking down quickly!

To learn more about this game, check out our Coolmath Games blog all about how to play Gall-I-1.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go and start our fun and challenging puzzle drawing game now! Who knows, Draw Parking just might make its way into your rotation as one of your favorite Coolmath Games.