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Christmas Games

Tis the season for fun! Check out this handful of Christmas Games online. Whether it's late December or the middle of July, these gaming gifts are here all year round! Roll up a snowball, grab a cup of hot chocolate, and settle in for a treat.

More About Christmas Games Online

It's time for some holiday fun with these online Christmas Games! Dive into this assortment of Christmas and winter holiday games. Whether it's the dark days of December or the bright moments of mid-July, these games will stay evergreen. Mold a snowball, savor a steaming cup of cocoa, and get ready to indulge in some festive fun.

There are tons of different online Christmas Games that you might enjoy. Whether it be a crafty puzzle game, a fast-paced platformer, or a stunt-filled action game, there is a whole world of Christmas gaming out there for you to enjoy.

Can I play Online Christmas Games at any time of year?

That’s no problem. While all of these games are Christmas-themed, there’s no reason that you can’t play them any other time of year too. We like to think that our games are good enough that they can be played year-round, rather than just for festivity purposes. 

While we are focusing on the Christmas Games Online, there are several different game genres within this list. There are crazy hard games, such as Space is Key Christmas. We’ve also got fun, action-packed games like Moto X3M Winter and Catch the Candy Xmas. For the most part, if you are interested in a specific kind of game genre, it’s on here. It just happens to have a fun and jolly theme to it, which we think is welcome no matter what time of the year it is!

Which game should I start with?

There are a lot of different online Christmas Games that you have to choose from. One of our personal favorites is Christmas Cat, a sequel to Cat in Japan. In this online Christmas Game, you have to find all 20 of the ornaments that are hidden around the map. Find every ornament and you win the game!

60 Second Santa Run is another fun title where players have to rush to their toy factory before time runs out. Use your timing and problem-solving skills to get there before it is too late.