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Unblock It - The Complete Guide to Our New Puzzle Game

Griffin Bateson / June 21, 2022
Unblock It - The Complete Guide to Our New Puzzle Game

Here at Coolmath Games, there is a long list of great puzzle games that are loved by fans. From fast-paced titles like IQ Ball, to more methodical games like Bloxorz, puzzle games that use logic and strategy have always been popular on our site.

Unblock It is no different. It has only been released for a couple of weeks, but it has already been a standout among our new games. Read on to learn more about how to play Unblock It, as well as some strategies that will help you reach the end.

How to play Unblock It

Learning how to play Unblock It is simple! Players must get the colorful block from one side to the other. To do this, you must clear all the plain blocks out of the way to reach the other side. While it starts off pretty simple at the beginning, the later levels take a lot of planning to get through. Blocks will be interwoven with each other, so you must be cunning to clear a path for the colorful block.

Slide Puzzle Games Gameplay

Movement is extremely limited in Unblock It. Vertical blocks are only able to move up and down. To move them, simply click and drag one way or another. The same rules apply to horizontal blocks, except players can only slide them side-to-side instead of up and down. This lack of options is what makes Unblock It such a fun and challenging puzzle slide game. 

Unblock It Strategy

While a lot of your success in Unblock It is based on your intuition and previous experience with slide puzzle games, we have a few tips to help you beat all 24 levels.

Don’t be afraid to backtrack

A common mistake that players make during slide puzzle games is that they refuse to go backward. Instead, they go with their first instinct and refuse to retreat back to the original position, even if it is clearly not working.

You may end up getting stuck in an extremely precarious position if you refuse to go back to the start. There is no shame in using the reset button. If it looks like you are totally stuck, just go back and try a different approach, it’s no big deal.

Think before you move

As previously mentioned, it is easy to take the wrong path and end up getting stuck in a bad position. Instead, try and think about the path you want before you move. You don’t necessarily have to have every single move planned out, but at least have a general idea of what you are going to do. Don’t just go purely off of instinct, really try and make a plan first.

Take a break

Sometimes slide puzzle games can be mentally fatiguing. As you start to grow tired, you may get sloppy and perform worse. When you feel your energy and focus drop, take a break for a little bit. Walk around, grab a snack, do whatever you need to do to get in the right mindset. Attempting to grind it out rarely works well for players.

Once you come back from your break, you might be surprised by how much better you do. New paths will show up for you, your mind will work faster, and everything will just seem to come to you more naturally. This is a very basic strategy, but one that is extremely important. This is a strategy that you can perform in almost any game. In Unblock It though, it is especially useful.

Move the colorful block along

Move the colorful block along slide puzzle game

The path for your colorful block does not have to be totally clear in order to progress it part of the way through the map. It is totally acceptable to move it one or two spaces through the map, and in some cases, it may be necessary. Just make sure that it isn’t blocking your other blocks from clearing a path to the end!

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So stop waiting around and go give Unblock It a try. You’ll be surprised by just how addicting this slide puzzle game is. Make sure to give it a rating once you are finished playing, we would love to know what you think!