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Best Strategy Games to Show Your Abilities

Griffin Bateson / January 27, 2022
Best Strategy Games to Show Your Abilities

Here at Coolmath, there’s a vast array of games to choose from. A lot of your favorite games are likely Strategy Games, and we even have a whole playlist here to look at if you want to explore the genre further. 

So what makes a game a strategy game? Well, they are games that are almost completely dependent on the decisions that you make. They often require a great amount of patience and situational awareness, and they can get competitive quickly. A great example is Checkers. Checkers has very little luck involved, and it is completely up to the decisions that you make to impact the game.

The strategy games playlist is so vast that there are a number of subsections that go into the playlist. Whether it’s idle games, endless puzzle games, business games, tower defense games, or popular games like Chess and 2048, we’ve got you covered. With that being said, let’s hop into some of our picks for the best strategy games on our site.

What strategy game should I play?

There are literally hundreds of fun strategy games to play at Coolmath Games. We've sorted through and picked 4 of our favorites, all of which are full of action-packed, fast-paced gameplay that will be sure to keep you coming back.

Four In A Row

best strategy games four in a row

Four in a Row is not only one of the easiest games to learn on this list, but a great one to play against friends too! The goal of the game is to connect 4 chips together in any direction, whether that is vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. While the concept is simple, there is a great deal of strategy. To learn more about it, you can check out our blog here for more detailed instructions and strategies in the game. 

Crazy Eights

best strategy games crazy eights

Crazy Eights doesn’t have the name crazy in it for no reason. This game can get very hectic, very fast. The goal of the game is to get rid of the cards in your hand as quickly as you can. You are dealt 7 cards at the beginning, and players are trying to get rid of all of their cards by placing them down in the center. You are able to place cards down in the center by either matching the number or the suit of the previous card placed down. This 2-4 player game is one of the best strategy games for a group of people looking to have a fun, energetic time.

For more detailed instructions on Crazy Eights, as well as some tips and tricks for it, check out our blog here!


best strategy games poptris

For those who want a strategy game that still has some puzzle game traits, Poptris is one of the best strategy games for you. Poptris is similar to Tetris, but it is based upon colors rather than shapes. Players must connect squares of the same color to destroy them in groups. You must be quick and efficient though, because every time you click, a new row of square tiles appears. Don’t let the tiles get too high up, because once you reach the top it’s game over for you.

However, there are some advantages you can get along the way. With each square you destroy, you are awarded one point. Every 200 points you get a bonus. There are three bonuses in Poptris: the Stop Bonus, the -3 Bonus, and the Target Color Bonus. The Stop Bonus prevents the tower from building up for the next three moves, the -3 Bonus deletes the bottom 3 rows, and the Target Color Bonus lets you remove every square tile of one color. Use your bonuses wisely, they don’t come often!

Tiny Fishing

best strategy games tiny fishing

Tiny Fishing is one of our favorite games here at Coolmath, and fans tend to agree! Tiny Fishing is one of the top 10 most played games on the site, and for good reason. It combines strategizing which upgrades are the best, with skill and coordination when trying to catch the best and most rare fish. If you haven’t tried Tiny Fishing, we highly recommend it!

The concept of Tiny Fishing is pretty simple: cast your rod by clicking or tapping anywhere on the screen. While holding your finger or mouse down, navigate the fishing hole and try and catch as many fish as you can – preferably the rare fishes which are worth more cash! 

Once you have caught some fish and gotten money for them, you can exchange your money for upgrades. There are several options, but the main ones are to upgrade how many fish you can have on your reel, how deep your rod can go, or how much money you will earn while offline. To learn more about Tiny Fishing strategy, you can visit our blog here

Learn To Fly

best strategy games learn to fly

The 2009 game Learn to Fly has become a staple of Coolmath Games. Players begin each round by sliding off of a giant ice ramp and launching into the water. You are then awarded money based on the time you spend in the air, the distance that you travel over the water, and a few other variables. You can spend this money on various upgrades, such as increased ramp height, gliders, and rockets. 

The goal of this game is to have your penguin break through the ice wall at the end of the game, which is 6,000 feet away. While this sounds hard, with a good strategy and some flying skills, it should only take somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour to complete.

We hope that you check out some of the best strategy games on our site. If you decide that strategy games just aren’t your thing, that’s okay too though! We have all kinds of other playlists, like logic games, skill games, and even ball games! Explore our website, we’re sure that you’ll find some games that you really love.