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Pou – A Beginner’s Guide

Griffin Bateson / October 3, 2022
Pou – A Beginner’s Guide

Ever wanted a pet that was a bit more unique? Sure, you could get yourself a cat, or a dog, or even a fish. But in the game Pou, you can get yourself a totally unique and interesting pet to love and take care of. Read on to understand how to play our pet care game, as well as a few games that you might like if you enjoy Pou.

How to Play Pou

The controls of Pou are very simple and interactive. In Pou, there are three main components – cleaning, feeding, and playing. All 3 of these aspects are important for Pou to have a healthy and happy life.

Don’t worry, it isn’t a huge responsibility to take care of Pou. You just have to put in a few minutes every day to make sure that Pou is doing okay. Shower it, take it for a walk, and feed it a couple of apples and you will be fine. Read on to learn more about the specific details and the importance of each task.

Keep Pou Full

Pet Care Game Pou Gameplay

Feeding Pou is by far the most straightforward part of this pet care game. Feeding Pou couldn’t be simpler, all you have to do is click on one of the foods on the left or right columns and drag it to Pou’s mouth. Apples, hamburgers, broccoli, they’re all on the table! As you progress through the game and level up more, there will be even more delicious options to feed Pou.

While feeding Pou is the simplest aspect of the game, it very well might be the most important. Without food, Pou will have no energy throughout the day to do tasks like go for a walk or play one of the awesome mini-games that are available in the game. It’s just like real life – no food means no energy, and no energy means that you won’t want to do anything.

Keep Pou Clean

If you come to check in on Pou every day, you will probably notice that Pou must be cleaned off. While this may seem like a somewhat mundane task, it is actually pretty fun and satisfying. Players must first scrub Pou to get them all clean and shiny.

After that, rinse off Pou and see how sparkly clean they get. Towel them off and admire how much cleaner and happier Pou looks. Finally, get those teeth clean by taking the toothbrush and brushing Pou’s teeth until they are white as can be. This is a very important task in order to get Pou’s day started off right. After all, who can really have a good day until they are all clean and feeling their best?

Keep Pou Entertained

There are tons of different games to keep Pou entertained throughout the day. This is extremely important. Pou needs to get some exercise in order to have a happy and healthy day.

There are games for lovers of pretty much every kind of genre. For those of you who enjoy driving games, Hill Drive is a great game to play. In this game, Pou must drive through a field full of bumpy hills with a strict time limit. The faster you drive, the more points that you receive. Be careful though, if Pou crashes then it’s game over!

For fans of platformer games, we recommend Sky Hop. This is a fun and pretty straightforward platformer where players must hop up platforms as quickly as possible. Careful though, one wrong move and Pou will go falling off the map.

Games Similar to Pou

There really aren’t any games that are like Pou. There isn’t another pet care game anywhere on the animal games playlist. However, there are a few games that have some similar gameplay to the exercise portion of Pou.

Gall i 1

Gall i 1 Pet Care Game Pou

Get your artist on with our drawing game, Gall i 1. This game gives players an object to draw onto the screen. After drawing, press submit and the game will grade you on your accuracy. Much like the games from Pou, it has simple controls and fun yet expensive gameplay.

To learn more about Gall i 1, check out our Coolmath Games blog all about how to play Gall i 1

Car Drawing Game

Car Drawing Game Pet Care Game Pou

Our Car Drawing Game is extremely similar to the Pou game that we mentioned earlier, Hill Drive. In this game though, players don’t have to drive the car across hills and bumps. Instead, players are the ones creating the car by drawing the general shape of the vehicle. You will need strategy and creativity in order to beat this fun and interesting game.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start taking care of Pou now. You won’t regret playing our pet care game!