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How to Play Snake: Mastering a Classic

Maddy Marcus / March 2, 2022
How to Play Snake: Mastering a Classic

The year was 1998. Mobile phones are just beginning to explode into popularity. But, in a time before apps and social media, what do you even use a cell phone for? Enter Snake. 

Widely regarded as one of the first mobile games, Snake started out as a 1976 arcade game called “Blockade.” The game’s popularity soared with the release of the Nokia 6110. A monochrome version of Snake was pre-loaded onto devices, slithering into the hands of millions. 

From humble beginnings, Snake has grown into one of the most recognized Internet arcade games. Challenging even some of the best gamers to beat their high scores. Although the object of Snake is relatively simple, different variants can have different mechanics.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to play Snake, specifically the version you’ll find here on Coolmath Games. 

Eat. Grow. Repeat. 

Learning how to play Snake doesn’t require much. All you need is a computer or smartphone, quick reaction time, and a touch of skill. 

In almost every rendition of classic Snake, you can only move up, down, left or right either with arrow keys or swiping on a touch screen. No matter what version you play, the snake loves to eat. Eating is literally all it does. 

You’ll start each game with one green and one red square. The green square is your snake and the red is an apple. Move the snake around the screen and eat as many apples as you can until the screen is full of the snake’s body.

Each time an apple is eaten, the snake will grow. In the original Snake game, your snake’s body will grow by one square each time it eats. However, in our version, your snake will grow by four squares for every one apple eaten! This added mechanic adds more of a challenge to the game: the longer the snake, the harder it is to control. 

how to play snake

How to Play Snake

There are only two rules you must follow when playing: don’t hit a wall and don’t bite your own tail. Crashing into a wall or your tail will end the game immediately. Your high score is calculated based on the number of squares you added to the snake. You win the game when there is no more room for your snake to grow. 

Move Fast, Think Fast! 

Not only does your snake grow longer each time it eats, it moves faster than the traditional game as well. 

In order to master the Coolmath Games Snake, your reaction time will be tested. This snake moves quickly, so you’ll have to master reacting fast in order to turn away before you collide with the walls or tail. Those sharp turns can only be mastered by practice, so get going! 

To easily control the snake as it grows longer and longer, try sticking close by the wall. There are only four turns you have to make if you ride the sides of the screen. If your snake grows long enough, you can zig-zag around the screen as well.

how to play snake

Moving in a zig-zag formation is a key strategy when learning how to play Snake. This movement helps control the speed of the snake while still leaving room to grow. As you zig-zag, make sure the snake is moving right up against its body. Keep gaps closed tight so you can save yourself some room in case you need to make a quick move. 

Sssstart Playing

Now that you know how to play Snake, why not give it a go? Eat some apples, master the serpent and keep going to beat your highest scores. 

If you enjoy Snake, you can take on other players in! This neon-powered game puts a battle-royale twist on the classic game, allowing you to go against other places to fight for the crown. Do you have what it takes to become the king of all snakes?