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Have Some Prehistoric Fun With Our 4 Dinosaur Games

Coolmath Games Staff / July 18, 2022
Have Some Prehistoric Fun With Our 4 Dinosaur Games

It should come as no surprise that people love playing games and being entertained. It’s been that way for thousands of years, from the first Royal Game of Ur board discovered by an archaeologist to the latest online indie RPG or open-world console game. If you have free time, there is certainly a plethora of games to keep you occupied.

Among the wide variety of gameplay options available, there are several titles for gamers who also love dinosaurs. Whether you are a professional paleontologist or simply someone who can list off their favorite dinosaur bones (from Triceratops to Velociraptor finds), there is a game for you.

But if you have ever wondered, why are there no dinosaur games online– Coolmath Games has the answer. You can supplement console gameplay by browsing our selection of the best dinosaur games available online, including the following titles.

Why Do People Play Dinosaur Games?

But first, why do people like playing dinosaur games so much? Not only do video games and online platforms give gamers higher release levels of dopamine, but they are also a great way to supplement your imagination and test your skills in survival game modes.

What better challenge than dealing with a pack of prehistoric animals and carnivores like raptors or a Tyrannosaurus Rex?

That’s why gamers enjoy titles such as ARK: Survival Evolved, The Isle, Saurian, and other games with dino biomes. And lest we forget “Jurassic Park”, the classic movie collection that inspired many people throughout the 1990s and more recently with the series reboot. These include Lego Jurassic World and Jurassic World Evolution, dinosaur games inspired by the original dinosaur theme park movie.

Delving into a prehistoric setting filled with sauropods and meat-eaters alike allows gamers to experience a world outside the realm of possibility, much like popular sci-fi or fantasy game titles.

That's just one of the ways Coolmath Games offers some great single-player, free games that are set in a time when the T-Rex roamed.

Best Online Dinosaur Games for Prehistoric Fun

If you are looking for a good game with plenty of dinosaur action, the following four titles are a fantastic place to start with Coolmath Games. Read on to find out exactly what makes each of our dino games a unique experience and mountains of fun!

1. Bugongo: Greenhill

Dinosaur Games Bugongo Greenhill

Take on the role of a parental dinosaur that leaves its egg in the nest to grab a snack. When the egg starts wiggling and falls right out of the safety of its home, it’s up to you to save it. You must chase after your dinosaur egg as it rolls down the slope and through a variety of landscapes, each more challenging than the last.

It might sound like a walk in the park– or rather, a roll down the hill– but it’s definitely more than that. Mastering the game’s levels requires dexterity and some physics gameplay, including navigating vertical platforms, jumping, and plenty of coordination!

2. Bugongo: Snowy Peaks

Dinosaur Games Bugongo Snowy Peaks Gameplay

In another dino game with rolling egg dynamics, players return as the dutiful prehistoric parent who must chase after their spotty offspring and guide the egg to the safety of the finish line. Similar to the previous title, this game also employs physics and hand-eye coordination in order to be victorious.

However, an added danger of the Snowy Peaks terrain includes rogue snowballs that bounce across the landscape in the most inopportune places, threatening to squash both your dinosaur avatar and its egg! Time your sprints or slow down in order to avoid being thumped by snowballs. Break through brick walls and guide your egg to the endpoint safely.

3. Trivia: Dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Games Trivia Dinosaurs!

When you need a break from beating levels with your rolling dinosaur egg, test your prehistoric knowledge with some trivia questions. From the eating habits of sauropods to typical dinosaur sizes to how paleontologists are able to identify which period they lived in, these questions are a great way to supplement your understanding of these prehistoric lizards.

4. Trivia: Name that Dinosaur!

Dinosaur Games Trivia Name That Dinosaur

Finally, it’s time to see how well you know the names of some key dinosaur types and species. Check out the trivia picture, choose your answer, and get some additional information on the individual dinosaur whether you are right or wrong.

So, channel your inner Jurassic Park knowledge, ready your prehistoric nomenclature, and get set to go name that dinosaur! 

Play Dinosaur Games on Coolmath Games

Coolmath Games offers plenty of fun for all, including our variety of dino-centric titles discussed above, guaranteed to entertain gamers of any age.

If you are looking for more free games to play online, try out our playlist of Awesome Animal Games to help out some fuzzy friends, or check out the Coolmath Games collection of Wacky, Weird, and Wild Games to branch out and test your skills further!