Run & Jump

Round and round, don't stop running!
There's no way to stop this thing! The ground keeps turning and you have to keep jumping. How long can you stay up?
Get Ball to the basket safely!
Activate the power bounce! Can you find a way over the spikes and past the guards to jump into Basket?
Up, up, up! This tower is full of treasures and danger!
Is there treasure in your destiny? Only if you can dodge spinning blades, jump over lava and avoid dangerous monsters!
Hurdle your way to the finish line!
Don't crash! Leap over the hurdles and across the platforms to reach the finish line. It's hard to be an Olympian. Can you beat the first level?
Do your math and spend wisely.
One of the most awesomest games ever. You're going to have to move fast and buy lots of upgrades to win this one! Do your math and spend wisely.
Run through the obstacles to get to the burger!
Run through the maze and obstacles to get to the burger stand. You only have 60 seconds, so you better start running!
You have 60 seconds to reach the toy factory.
It's Christmas Eve, and Santa has only 60 seconds to make it to his toy workshop. Run, jump, and break through obstacles to make it in time.
Jump and jet to the finish line!
Zoom forward with your hydro-powered jetpack. Jump and jet through dangerous caves. Can you outrun the master time and get the red gem?
Reclaim your emeralds from the evil dragon's lair.
Avoid the dragon's fiery gaze at all costs! Sneak past it to reclaim your treasure. Can you escape without bursting into flames?
Find the wizard.
This vampire wants to find a Wizard who can help him see the sun. Explore the castle, avoid traps, knock over enemies and reach the wizard.
Head back to the castle.
Help the vampire finish his quest! Break into the castle and find the witch so that he can see the sun for the very first time.
You can do one thing: click to make Beavus jump.
This game will mess with your head a bit! You can do one thing with Beavus and that's click to make him jump. Once you start playing, it's hard to stop!
Explore the caves with this slimy secret agent!
Agent Green is on the case! Explore a mysterious cave and discover the greatest tomato recipe in the world!
Free your friends and escape the island!
Use your shield to fly through the air, bash your enemies, and block their fireballs! What can't this thing do?
Avoid the obstacles and reach the portal!
Long shadows, slicing blades and bottomless pits. Hope you don't scare easily. Face your fears and reach the portal safely.
Grab your shades and collect the bananas!
Help this cool jumpy monkey collect his bananas! You can't make him stop jumping, so you'll have to jump your way to the exit.
Bounce on and break all of the blocks!
The bouncy blue block destroys the other blue blocks it touches. Hit the blue blocks in the right order to destroy them all and make it to the red block.
Nom nom nom! Eat those mangoes!
Nom nom nom! Climb walls, jump over spikes and eat those mangoes!
Smash the gold blocks and dodge the bad guys!
Round and round you go! Race around the track and jump to avoid the bad guys. Smash all the gold blocks before time runs out.
Keep running to reach the shelter.
Don't look back! Keep running and jumping through this mysterious landscape.
Strap on your running shoes and reach the exit!
Strap on your running shoes! Jump over dangerous spikes and hungry bears to collect coins and reach the exit!
Enter the cave and leave with the gold!
No guts, no glory! Time your moves perfectly to grab the gold and open the hidden treasure chest. Just don't step on any spikes!
Rotten eggplants have infested the world!
The world is infested with evil eggplants! Jump over them and use your magic dust to restore the peace.
Break the blocks and enter the portal.
Jump on each of the jelly blocks to destroy them and open a portal to the next level. Don't get trapped too far from the portal!
The fireflies are abuzz. Find and catch them all!
There are fireflies buzzing around everywhere! You'll need a sharp sense of direction to collect 100 and escape the forest!
Bounce across gaps ahead of the timer.
Boing. Boing. Boing. Bounce across gaps and moving platforms. Can you beat the timer to get three stars?
Collect parts for your ship and enter the teleporter.
This alien is stranded on a strange world! Help him collect parts and fix his ship to escape from the evil robots that live there.
Run as far as your alien space suit will take you!
Leap for the stars! But don't forget to avoid the lasers and spikes along the way. How far can you get?
They jump on their own! Don't let them fall!
These little faces can't stop jumping! Help them collect all of the stars.
Help the duck collect eggs and bonuses!
Help the duck collect eggs and bonuses while avoiding danger! Teleport and collect keys to open locks. Figure out how to win each level!
Float and fly by flipping gravity!
Harness the power of gravity! Float and fly to dodge chainsaws, warp through portals and touch all the squares.
Race through the dangerous jungle!
Grab the jungle's treasure! But the angry monkeys and poisonous plants aren't going to make it easy. Can you get the jewels and survive?
Run, jump, slide, and dive into the flag!
This isn't your average circle with legs... it can run, jump, slide, dive, smash and more! How quickly can you get to the flag?
He's more than your average cube of goo.
No legs? No problem! Run and jump over dangerous spikes and get out safely.
Flip gravity and reach the flag.
What's a little pink cube to do in a dangerous world? Master gravity, leap over enemies, dodge cannonballs and reach the flag!
Find the lost keys!
There's no way to stop moving on the icy ground! Jump over obstacles, rescue lost mice and birds, and find the missing keys.
Grab your bubble gun and get going!
Grab your bubble gun and get going! Hop on your bubbles to grab berries and dodge spikes.
Melt the ice and light the fires.
You're on fire! Melt the ice, light the campfires and most important, don't touch the other blobs.
Jump and jump and blast some more!
Jump and blast your way through the wasteland. Find the keys and get out as fast as you can!
It's as easy as 1-2-3!
You can control the platforms! Turn them on and off at the right time to reach the portal safely.
Grab the coins and escape the dungeon!
You're trapped in a dungeon filled with spikes and toxic ooze. Can you grab all the coins and escape safely?
Stick on the ice and reach your partner!
Jump through the icy caverns to find your crystalline partner. Use your powers to stick to the ice and dodge the spikes!
Find your powers and jump to the finish!
You have to walk before you can run, jump, and push! Find your powers, pass the obstacles and reach the finish.
Get the colors to work together!
Do you know the color wheel? Get the colors to work together to grab keys and reach the finish!
Jump over spikes to get the cake!
This trip to the bakery is no cake walk! Jump and double jump over spikes and dodge lasers to get to your delicious prize.
Jump, slide and survive as the rules keep changing.
Jump, slide and survive as the rules keep changing. Every section has a new challenge to master!
Jump down the hill... if you dare!
The hill is covered in traps! There is fire and ice on the ground and monsters around every corner. Are you brave enough to face the challenge?
Bring hot fire to the icy winter!
Feeling cold on these winter days? Fireblob is here to warm things up! Dodge angry blobs, melt the ice cubes, and light the fire to keep warm.
Stay warm and grab the feathers!
Bundle up and set out on a wintery adventure! Jump and slide past spikes and grab all the blue feathers.
Work together in perfect harmony!
There are two sides to every tale! Work together in perfect harmony to reach the exit.
Three heads are better than one!
Three heads are better than one! Combine their special powers to unlock doors and reach the exit.
Find your one true blob-mate!
How far will you go to find your one true blob-mate? Are you willing to dodge spikes and defy gravity?
Hop in your shell and slide!
Who says turtles are supposed to be slow? Hop in your shell, pick up speed and slide!
Don't let your battery run out!
Your battery is running low and there's no outlet in sight! Roll and jump to grab new batteries before your power level hits 0%.
Flip blocks and wiggle to the finish!
Flip blocks on or off to reach the coin! Disrupt the enemy blobs to sneak past them, or send them crashing into spikes.
Move and jump, upside down!
Run and jump around the square and use gravity to your advantage! Can you find the right moves to reach the portal?
Light up the colors you need!
Light up the colors you need! Jump on, off and around the blocks to reach your blob partner!
Don't run out of moves!
Make every move count... or else you'll be stuck without any controls!
Just a (really, really hard) platformer.
Wall jumps, double jumps, gravity flipping and more! Can you beat all four hubs and reach the final world?
It's a trap! Or is it? Who knows...
There are traps and obstacles around every corner. Can you jump and dash your way to safety?
Jump and bounce to burst some bubbles!
You're a little bubble trying to escape. Jump and bounce to burst the biggest bubbles! Can you get out without getting popped?