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4 Summer Games to Beat the Heat

Coolmath Games Staff / July 12, 2022
4 Summer Games to Beat the Heat

It's getting warmer outside, the sun is shining and the days are as long as they’ll be all year. Summer has arrived! But what happens when you need a break from the heat or the long evenings start to drag? Well, we’re glad you asked because there’s no better accompaniment to the sunshine than a great summer-themed video game.

Summer and Video Games: A Perfect Match

Summer is the season to get outside and enjoy the weather. After going out though, there’s something special about kicking back after a hot day and playing some summer games that you just can’t beat.

Some of the best gaming memories are made when all of your friends are off from school, everyone is free and you can just hop online for some unrestricted gaming action. Endless hours sunk into Minecraft or a sprawling open-world RPG come guilt-free when no one can tell you there’s homework to do or school tomorrow.

Of course, summer is also the time that game developers, whether that’s indie studios or large companies like Bethesda, come together to showcase their upcoming releases. In the space of around two weeks, Summer Games Fest,E3, and various studio-specific events take place to build hype and excitement amongst gamers for the year ahead.

Overall, summer truly is the season of gaming. With the excitement of new games and weeks of free time ahead in mind, we’ve gathered a list of the best summer games on Coolmath to get you in the mood for a long, hot summer!

1. Lemonade Stand

Summer Games Lemonade Stand

A cool glass of homemade lemonade in the blistering sun of a July day is just one of the pleasures of the summer, but have you ever thought about making a quick buck from selling it yourself? Well, now you’ve got the perfect practice with Lemonade Stand.

This is one of the summer games that is really engaging because of the strategy involved. You’ll have to think deeply and with care about how best to spend your money to make a profit as people pass by your stand. Have you made the lemonade too sour, too sweet, or not cold enough? You’ll find out quickly because it's either boom or bust in our popular business game.

2. Tiny Fishing

Summer Games Tiny Fishing

Now, this one is addictive. Tiny Fishing seems simple on the surface but once you dive in, it turns out to have quite a lot of depth. At first, you’ll only be catching small fish that will give you small returns in exchange. However, Tiny Fishing is all about how you invest your earnings in yourself.

Spend your cash wisely and you’ll soon be dropping a line into deeper waters and hauling the catch of the day. If you’re really on the ball you can spend coins to catch fish in idle mode, when you’re not even playing the game, to maximize your progress.

If you had dreams of being out on the lakes at summer camp this year then Tiny Fishing is the idle game that will transport you there. Learn more about it in our blog all about how to play Tiny Fishing.

3. Moto X3M Pool Party

Summer Games Moto X3M Pool Party

Pool parties and summer; two things that go together like peanut butter and jelly, something the game designers of Moto X3M Pool Party obviously agree with. Moto X3M Pool Party takes the addictive gameplay from its predecessor Moto X3M and crosses it with some summer vibes to create the perfect seasonal mash-up.

Zoom along on a motocross bike across swimming pools and floats, maintaining your balance as you try and reach the end in one piece. Perform flips and tricks to score extra points and unlock different wacky bikes and riders in this superfast sports game.

If you have any interest in the original Moto X3M, we have a blog all about how to play Moto X3M that is full of helpful tips and tricks.

4. Let’s Play Golf

Summer Games Let's Play Golf

Luscious green golf courses are enduring symbols of the summer, so what better way to simulate them with Let’s Play Golf?

You don’t have to be a master like Tiger Woods to beat Let’s Play Golf, it's more mini golf than PGA Tour. However, you will need a steady hand and a patient temperament. The hills on the way to the final hole are frustrating, but finally sinking the ball for a par makes it all the more satisfying.

Well, that's the list of our summer games here at Coolmath Games. We hope that this blog prepares you for the season ahead. Try them out and see what you think! 

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