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Battle Royale Games

Choose from one of our many heart-pounding and fast-paced Battle Royal Games. Whether you are looking for some geometrical fun in or an aerial battle in, it's sure to be an exciting time.

Battle Royale Games

Battle royale games have risen to insane popularity in recent years. Titles like Hexanaut and Copter Royale have been dominating Coolmath Games as of late, and it’s no secret why. These games are full of nonstop, competitive gameplay that will put any gamer on the edge of their seat. With that being said, let’s go over what really defines these games as battle royale games.

What are battle royale games?

Battle royale games are a subsection of multiplayer games. They are last-man-standing games that drop players into a lobby of many opponents, sometimes up to 100! In these games, players must explore around and fight enemies in order to survive. The last one standing wins, so make sure to play tactfully.

What is the best battle royale game?

That is a very tough call to make, there have been tons of Coolmath Games classics that are battle royale games. The newest and one of the most popular is Hexanaut, a game where players must capture as many hexagonal tiles as possible without getting their tail chopped off by another player. This game requires skill and timing in order to come out victorious. Capture 20% of the hexagonal tiles to become the Hexanaut and win!

To learn more about Hexanaut, check out our Coolmath Games blog for some Hexanaut strategies.

Another one of the most beloved battle royale games on our site is If you haven’t played it before, you are in for a treat. It is basically a battle royale version of the classic game Snake. Instead of chasing after apples though, you are chasing after enemy snakes and getting stronger and more powerful by taking them down.

If you are looking to play, we recommend that you start out by just playing Snake. If you are a beginner to the game, not to worry! We have an entire beginner’s guide on how to play Snake.

What genres are similar to battle royale games?

Obviously, the multiplayer games genre has a lot of overlap with the battle royale games. Along with this, players who enjoy battle royale games will likely enjoy skill games, hard control games, and crazy hard games. You can check out all of these genres above in our related categories section of the page.