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Hidden Object Games

Get out your magnifying glass, you might need it in our collection of hidden object games. Whether it is finding the difference between two photos in Spot The Difference, or locating the candy in Find the Candy, you're in for an awesome time.

About Hidden Object Games

You will need a keen eye and some serious focus in order to be successful in our hidden object games playlist. Before we go more in-depth into these games though, let’s go over what exactly a hidden object game is.

What are hidden object games?

Hidden object games have a pretty straightforward concept to them – there are hidden objects that are scattered throughout the map that you must find. This can really be anything, from finding a hidden batch of sushi scattered across a house, to finding someone hidden on a dance floor who shouldn’t be there, to finding a candy that is somewhere on the map. 

While this genre may be a basic concept, all of these games are actually really fun and entertaining. For example, you won’t believe just how badly you want to find a random piece of sushi scattered on a map until you give Cat in Japan a try. 

Are hidden object games good for your brain?

Despite the old adage that video games will “rot your brain,” there are actually studies that have shown that video games can improve cognition when played in moderation. This is especially true for logic games such as hidden object games, which require players to use their brains in order to problem solve. 

To learn more about video games and how they can impact your brain, check out the Coolmath Games blog all about whether video games are good for you or not

What is the most popular hidden object game?

The most popular hidden object game by far is Spot The Difference. This classic game has literally been played for decades. The concept is simple – find the small and almost unnoticeable differences between two pictures. It can be really any difference, from a small brushstroke on one picture to a tiny golf ball in the corner. If you haven’t played it before, we highly recommend that you give this popular hidden object game a try!