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Money Games

Cha-ching! These games are all about earning money and spending it wisely. Invest some time in this collection of business, idle, fishing and platforming games that won't cost you a cent.

About Money Games

Earn some online coins and tokens with our money games. These are games where players must use their skill and savviness in order to collect as much as they can. These currencies can be earned in a ton of different ways, from taking art pieces, to serving penguins, to selling toys. 

What kind of genre are most money games under?

While many people probably assume that money games are pretty much just business games where players create and sell items, there is more variety than that. For example, in the game Cat Burglar and the Magic Museum, players must sneak around an art exhibit and steal paintings for clients. It really is not so much a business game, but more a combination of skill and strategy.

Penguin Diner is another unique game, where players must run a diner all by themselves. This includes taking orders from customers, collecting tips, and serving food. It feels like a combination of Papa’s Pizzeria and Coffee Shop. 

What is the most fun money game?

It may seem surprising, but a lot of our most popular games are also categorized as money games. For example, Tiny Fishing is one of the most popular games on the entire site. In Tiny Fishing, players must try and earn as much money as they can by catching fish. As you earn money for catching fish, you can exchange it for upgrades such as hooks that can catch more fish or fishing rods that will go deeper into the sea. To learn more about this game, check out the Coolmath Games blog all about how to play Tiny Fishing.

If skill games aren’t so much your thing, there is a very popular strategy game called Learn to Fly. In Learn to Fly, you are playing as a penguin that is trying to break an ice wall from over a mile away. The closer that you get to the wall, the more money you will earn. Exchange this money in for upgrades that will make you go further distances, including rockets to accelerate you, gliders to help you stay in the air, and higher ramps to give you a big initial boost.