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Collector Games

Scour the map for items and upgrades in these awesome collector games. Whether you are getting XP for Duck Life, earning cash in Johnny Upgrade, or digging up minerals in Diggy, it's sure to be a fun time.

About Collector Games

Collect cash, experience points, valuable gems, and much much more in our Collector Games playlist. On this collection page, we have a few Coolmath favorites that players have loved for years. From Idle Breakout to Duck Life, there are tons of games to love. 

What are collector games?

Collector games are pretty simple – they are simply games where players traverse through the game and collect items. As you collect these items, you are able to trade them in to help you progress through the game. 

For example, in our business game Lemonade Stand, players sell lemonade in return for money. As you collect more money, you are able to trade the cash in for more lemonade ingredients. It continues to snowball until you are doing better and better in the game and have collected massive amounts of money.

This doesn’t just apply to money. In Diggy, players are attempting to dig to the center of the Earth. While they are digging, players collect gems along the way. These gems can be traded in for better stamina and drilling equipment, until there are enough resources to get all the way to the center of the Earth. 

What is the best collector game on Coolmath Games?

It is hard to decide what the definitive ‘best’ collector game is on our site. However, we definitely have a couple of favorites here at Coolmath Games. For one, Johnny Upgrade has been a favorite amongst fans for years. Players must collect coins and trade them in for upgrades such as increased jumping power, speed, and more time to run around. If you haven’t played, we highly recommend it.

If you are looking for a bit more of a challenging game, we highly recommend World’s Hardest Game. The title is no joke, this game is insanely difficult to beat. Players maneuver around as a square who is trying to collect all of the coins on the map and make it to the end zone. Just make sure to avoid the yellow balls that are standing guard at every turn!