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4 Best Minimalist Games

Griffin Bateson / October 27, 2022
4 Best Minimalist Games

The gaming culture has slowly shifted over the past decade towards games with fancy graphics and complicated gameplay. However, some games break this norm – minimalist games. For those of you who don't know, minimalist games are games that don’t have very complicated controls, sophisticated graphics, or tons of different gameplay options. Instead, they embrace the idea that less is more. 

These games can be great for people who aren't fans of learning a lot of different controls or just don't prioritize graphics much in a game. If you feel like this, you aren't alone. Tons of gamers just prefer fun and simple games. If this sounds like you, then read on to learn about 4 of our favorite minimalist games. 


OvO Minimalist Games Blog

It’s no surprise that OvO has been one of the games that have blown up in the past year. In fact, it has risen all the way up to one of our most popular games here at Coolmath Games. In OvO, the controls are just about as easy as possible. Move the arrow keys left and right to run horizontally, use the up arrow key to jump, and use the down arrow key to either slide or smash things below you.

Even more simple than the controls is the look of the game. OvO is just a black and white game with a 2D graphics style. Nothing is confusing or overly complicated – the game is entirely focused on the gameplay. 

In OvO, players must dodge dangerous spikes and jump over giant walls to make it to the next level. While the concept isn't anything special, the creativity of the puzzles is really what makes OvO a standout game.

Want to learn more about OvO? Learn how to play OvO by reading our Coolmath Games blog. We will teach you the best strategies to make it past one of our most fun minimalist games.

Black and White

Black and White Minimalist Games Blog

Want to play another simple game, but with a friend this time? Look no further, Black and White is a great minimalist game that can be played in a co-op format. In Black and White, players are using teamwork and timing to make it from one side of the map to the other. 

The actual aesthetics of the game may be pretty simple, but solving each puzzle is not. As with most platformer games, the levels will continue to get more and more difficult as you progress through the game. It will be important to communicate with whoever you are playing with, and make sure that you are using teamwork to get through the game.

One tip – you can jump higher if you stand on top of your teammate. You will have to use this strategy often if you want to beat the later levels. 

For more information on Black and White, check out our Coolmath Games blog on how to play Black and White.

Big Tower Tiny Square 2

Big Tower Tiny Square 2 Minimalist Games Blog

The first Big Tower Tiny Square is one of the most popular games on our site. However, the new sequel has quickly started to pick up traction as well. Players love it because of its simple aesthetic, easy controls, and fast-paced gameplay. All players need is the left, right, and up arrow keys, as well as the spacebar. 

In Big Tower Tiny Square 2, players must make it up the giant tower and retrieve the elusive pineapple. This is no small feat though, the tower has tons of floors, all of which have chasms of lava and evil security cameras that shoot lasers at you. It will take timing, skill, and patience to make it past every floor and get your pineapple back!

To learn more about Big Tower Tiny Square 2, we have a new games blog all about it.


Snake Minimalist Games Blog

When talking about games with simple controls and a simple format, we have to talk about Snake. Snake is so incredibly simple that people used to play it on the original Nokia phones. You know – the phones that are basically indestructible bricks made decades ago.

In Snake, players are playing as a snake trying to eat as many apples as possible. As you chomp down on apples, your tail will grow. While this gives you more points, it also makes it more difficult to maneuver around. If players run into their own tail or the edge of a wall, it is game over and they must restart.

Snake is very simple to play, but it can be difficult to master. Luckily for you, we have an entire Coolmath Games blog written about how to play Snake. This blog will teach players all about how to play and succeed in one of our most beloved minimalist games. 

So come and check out all 4 of our minimalist games! You might be surprised by just how much you enjoy the simple gameplay and overall aesthetic of the games on our list.