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Unleash Your Feline Instincts With These 5 Online Cat Games

Griffin Bateson / September 29, 2022
Unleash Your Feline Instincts With These 5 Online Cat Games

It’s no secret that we here at Coolmath Games love animals. You can find a game about pretty much any animal that you want on our animal games playlist. Dogs, caterpillars, snakes, you can really find whatever you want. One of the animals that really stands out though is our feline friends, cats! 

Unique Attributes of Cat Games

Cats are the perfect main character for many games of our animal games. Not only are they swift and sneaky, but they also have mischievous personalities to them. These attributes are heavily intertwined with the online cat games here at Coolmath Games.

Kinds of Cat Games

There are tons of different cat games for fans of really any game genre. Whether you like platformer games or hidden object games, we have something fun and interesting for you! With that being said, let’s hop into some of our favorite online cat games.


Crossy Cat Online Cat Games

This isn’t your regular old platformer game. Nyahotep takes players back to Ancient Egypt, a time and place where cats were worshipped. In this game, players must throw around an Egyptian spirit from cat to cat in order to take control and get around the obstacles. Flip levers, push buttons, and jump across chasms in order to make it to the door and progress on to the next level.

If you like a fun and unique challenge, we highly recommend that you check out this platformer game!

Tricky Cat

Tricky Cat Online Cat Games

Speaking of fun and unique platformer games, let’s talk about Tricky Cat. This is a platforming puzzle game where players must jump and leap from block to block until they have touched every single platform. Certain blocks have different abilities, such as teleportation.

Tricky Cat really shows off how nimble and athletic cats are. Players are able to jump almost all the way across the map with only one jump. Just make sure that you don’t jump too far and wind up falling off of the map.

The Doctor Cat

The Doctor Cat Online Cat Games

Who knew that cats could become doctors? In The Doctor Cat, players must mix and match blocks in order to make the most effective potion that they possibly can. Grab your cauldron and a bunch of fruit and get to brewing some medicine.

The Doctor Cat is an interesting way to give players a unique Match 3 game. If you are a fan of games like Jelly Collapse or Fancy Diver, then you should definitely check out The Doctor Cat. It is well worth your time.

Cat in Japan

Cat In Japan Online Cat Games Gameplay

Out of all of the online cat games here at Coolmath Games, this has got to be one of our favorites. The objective of Cat in Japan is simple – find all 20 pieces of sushi that are scattered across the map. While this may sound like a simple objective, players must have great attention to detail and good problem-solving skills in order to come out victorious.

A lot of the time, players will have to solve a puzzle using the clues given to them around the map. Try and look for any objects that stand out, such as random numbers written in a room or an object that looks like it doesn’t belong. You will have to think outside of the box in order to get every single piece of sushi.

Players who enjoy the challenge of hidden object games like Spot The Difference are sure to love Cat in Japan. So give it a try and don’t forget to give the game a rating once you finish!

Crossy Cat

Crossy Cat Online Cat Games

There aren’t many things that cats love more in life than fish (except for maybe terrorizing their owners). In Crossy Cat, players must cross over a giant chasm and catch the floating fish. Just watch out for the platforms that are blocking your way, as well as the bombs that are trying to blow you up as you jump back and forth over the gap.

Players must figure out how high to jump in order to catch the better fish and earn more points. While the concept of Crossy Cat is pretty simple, the gameplay is extremely stimulating. You’ll find yourself wanting to just catch more and more fish. The more fish you catch, the more points you earn, which you can trade in for some cool and stylish outfits.

So if you are a feline fanatic, make sure to check out all 5 of our online cat games now! You might be surprised by just how much variety and creativity they all have to offer.