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Grid-Based Games

Work your way around the edges in these grid-based games. From connecting pipes in Tube Master to solving puzzles in B-Cubed, there is plenty of variety in this niche collection of games.

About Grid-Based Games

Welcome to this collection of grid-based games, full of enclosed fun and chaos! These games take some serious strategy, planning, and tactical know-how. Navigate through these worlds inside of a grid that limits where you can move. Move carefully, as each step may have dire consequences!

Read on to learn a couple of the most frequently asked questions about grid-based games. These are helpful for newcomers to the genre.

What are grid-based games?

Grid-based games are games that are centered around navigating characters, objects, or elements that take place within a grid. For example, in the game B-Cubed, players are trying to navigate around a set map in order to get a cube into a hole. While this may sound simple, there are plenty of trials and tribulations that make it a fun and challenging game. 

These games are all about being able to use logic and problem-solving in order to come out victorious. Oftentimes, having a grid around you limits your movements. This means that you will have to use your cleverness to win.

What genres are grid-based games?

Good question! While it may seem like grid-based games are kind of their own game, they actually overlap with a few different genres. The most common overlap is between grid-based games and logic games. Pretty much every single one of these games requires players to think of clever ways to solve puzzles while adhering to the limits of the grid. 

A great example is the popular game Puzzle Ball. In this game, players must form a path to get a ball from one side of the map to the other. This would ordinarily be a pretty easy and simple game to play. However, because there is a set grid in the way, players must use logic and problem-solving if they want to come out victorious. This is a perfect example of how the constraints of a grid can actually make a game more interesting.