Stop & Think

All you have to do is roll to the goal. Move the wooden blocks to make a path and then watch your ball roll in.

Slide the gold cube to the final red square... But, you must pass over every other square on your way! The 16 levels are pretty easy... Then, it gets really hard!

Connect all pipes of the same color. The pipes can't cross, and you have to fill all of the space with pipes!

Welcome to the space arena. Think strategically to survive waves of enemies and collect their loot. Save up to buy the key and escape!

There's all different kinds of jelly cubes! Change their color so that they match. Try and do it with as few moves as possible!

Slice the jelly blob into pieces so that no pieces have more than one star. Try to do it in as few moves as possible!

The museum had a break in, and now they need you to install a new laser system! Place lasers to cover the entire museum floor.

Power up the targets by turning on the right circuits. Be careful not to overload them with too much electricity!

The wires are all knotted up! Remove them carefully to avoid collisions. Restore order to the rhombi.

Snip, snip! Cut the thread to separate the colored buttons from the cloth. Leave no buttons behind!

Where does this go? And how does that connect to this? Stretch and slide to make the right shape!

Think you're a Tic Tac Toe pro? Try this version, which is like a game of Tic Tac Toe inside a game of Tic Tac Toe. Confused? You have to try it!

This game will really test your timing and planning skills. Just retract the hooks without letting them touch. It starts out easy, but gets much more difficult!

Test your spatial recognition skills! Arrange the shapes so they all fit inside the puzzle.

Exercise your mathematical mind! Use four numbers and the four basic operations to make 24. Find the solution to earn a gold card.

Help, it's dark in here! You have a limited number of bulbs to light up the entire room. Can you figure out how?

Meet the Doods! Slide the jelly blocks around the grid to connect all blocks of the same color.

Like Minesweeper? Use all-new sweeping abilities to find the mines!

Smash the sticky jellies together. Combine them to make new shapes, stick to walls, and solve puzzles.

This sumo wrestler is so hungry that he can't eat just one piece of sushi. Help find sets of matching types to give him a full meal.

Make sure all of the X blocks are the right color. Color rows of blocks with your mouse and then clear the empy ones out.

Need a mini mental workout? Get started with these practice games, and see your scores improve as you play!

The totems came alive and split apart! Arrange these odd shapes into perfect squares to turn them back to stone.

The robots are stranded and need your help. Connect the matching machines to turn them back on.

The grid is full of dots. Plan your moves carefully and clean them all up!

Use the block-making machines to fill the board. Discover how they work and activate them in the right order.

Place colored tiles onto the board to clear the gem tiles and enter the mystery temple!

Remove numbers from the grid so that the numbers in each row or column add up to the right total.

The whole family is here! But they don't always get along. Place them around the house so they are all happy.

Explore the mysterious dungeon. Solve puzzles, disarm traps and gain awesome new powers. Can you find the treasure waiting at the end?

The rabbits will hop until they pop! Jump one over another and make them disappear.

Twist and turn the rows to match the pattern. Can you crack the code? 

How good are you at hidden object games? Search the room to find the three stars and the hidden piece of candy.

The Christmas elves need help staying in touch with their friends! Arrange elves, reindeer, snowmen and more in time for the holidays!

The snow is piled high and the gifts are piled under the tree. Can you find the hidden candy in this winter wonderland?

Travel through three ancient civilizations. Fit the blocks together quickly and get three stars!

Moley needs your help getting home! Build a path for him to climb, jump and fly to the exit safely.

Do you speak robot? Schedule commands to program your bot and get it into the goal. Make adjustments until you get the perfect sequence.

Pump up the jam! The crowd is locked outside of the concert. Move crates and open the velvet rope to help them see the show.

Paint the board green! Each tile needs the exact right number of tiles next to it. Use the open spaces to make perfect connections.

There are crazy contraptions and inventions in every room! Use them to find the hidden candy and stars.

The color jelly-blobs are back! Make them all the same color in 20 color-iffic puzzles.

Poof! Make all the blocks disappear. Plan your moves carefully or you might fill the whole board back up.

Which way are you pointing? Use all your moves to make the arrows point the same direction.

This is a new twist on the classic game Sudoku. Can you place all the numbers without breaking the rules?

S-P-Y...Can you spell a word for every row? You need a big vocabulary to get through all thirty-nine levels.

Get all the blocks to fit in the correct spots. How many different puzzles can you solve?

What's more fun than solving a puzzle? Taking it apart! Work backwards and remove every piece.

Slide tiles around to connect the wires. Can you get everytihng turned on without getting your wires crossed?

The ancient emperors have appointed you as lead architect for their new cities. Build homes for their people along the famous rivers. Can you reach the Nile?

These happy hexagons all want to match. Switch up their colors, but don't run out of moves!

Combine ingredients to complete the recipe and score bonuses. Can you piece together the perfect cake?

Uncover the secrets of an ancient civilization and its lost technologies in a search for your missing brother.

Slide and stack your way to combine the colors! How many moves will it take you?

Connect your way across multiple dimensions in these mind-bending puzzles. Can you see the solution?

Collect all the jewels by filling up the grid! Can you figure out where to place each route?

These animals are looking for a place big enough to call home. Help piece the houses together and move them in!