new html5 Games

Looks like a nice day to go fishing! Cast your line and reel in a legendary fish. Earn cash to buy new hooks and skills.

Red and Blue must work together to accomplish their goal! Switch between worlds to get keys, hit switches and get all the coins.

Can you water all the flowers without getting the rabbits wet? Use the right tiles in the correct order so that everybody gets wet... or stays dry!

This Nobody has no legs to jump with. Learn to move by bouncing off the ground and walls!

These reverse puzzles come with all new pieces! Use arrows, explosions and rotating tiles to pull the puzzle apart.

Control the ramps to build momentum and get in the hole! Can you get through all 25 levels?

You've heard of addition by subtraction, but this game is subtraction by addition! Remove blocks by summing them up.

Step into your role as the train dispatcher! Pick up cargo, make deliveries and keep the trains running on time.

So many marbles, so little time. Use your blaster to match colors and take out all the marbles!  

Do you know the color wheel? Get the colors to work together to grab keys and reach the finish!

You found a cursed mirror and it trapped you in an alternate dimension!

The big day is here! Explore the city, sewers, and hotel to find your friends and get to the party.

Can you set the right time? Spin the gears to ring the bells and match the clock hands.

How do you outrun time? Easy, just stop it completely! Freeze time to solve puzzles and escape the static.

Use your magic powers to ride flying platforms! Dodge spikes and fly over lava to reach the flag.

Twist and spin the shapes to form triangles. Enclose everything in as few moves as possible!

Keep adding up to 9 before time runs out! Can you chain combos and unlock all the tiles?

No jumping? No problem! Solve puzzles, meet friendly neighbors and find the spaceship!

You have to walk before you can run, jump, and push! Find your powers, pass the obstacles and reach the finish.

It takes two to get the loot! Combine all four directions to push and slide into the gems.

Can you get all the pipes connected? Find the right paths to fill in all the tiles without any overlaps.

Toss the Jellybots into the lava! Can you destroy them all before you run out of throws?

Jump through the icy caverns to find your crystalline partner. Use your powers to stick to the ice and dodge the spikes!

It's time to call in the rain! Find your friends and the rain stone to start the ritual.

Every level is a brand new design! Figure out how the machine works to make an exact copy of the pattern.

Race across the stars to find the keys! Don't get lost as you zip back and forth.

You can eat every cupcake in sight. Just make sure to eat them in the right order!

Change colors to get the keys and unlock the rainbow door. Use your knowledge of the color combinations to mix up the right color.

It sounds simple, but that's because we didn't mention all the spikes and lava. Double-jump across the moving platforms to reach the other side!

Rev up your engine and hit the road! Can you drive across this winding highway without crashing?

Step up and spin the wheel in this cool way to learn about probability! Guess higher or lower to win big points. Will you play it safe or risk it all?

Banana peels are your friend! Find the right path to slip and slide your way to the exit.

Connect the dots to light up the hexagons! Can you solve all 50 levels?

Run and jump, with a twist! Rotate platforms to make yourself a new route. Grab gems and get to the door safely.

Work together with your mysterious twin to mow the lawn. Can you finish without running over your own cord?

Flying isn't as easy as it looks! Flap your wings to fly. Grab stars and dodge all of the airborne obstacles. 

Connect the nodes to build a path. It's probably not going to be the shortest way from point A to point B.

You're trapped in a dungeon filled with spikes and toxic ooze. Can you grab all the coins and escape safely?

Find colorful patterns of endless length! Go for a high score in three different game modes.

If you've played Tower of Hanoi, then this will look familiar. Solve all new puzzles on the same board.

Fill the board with the number one! Use teleporting tiles to spread out your numbers.

The water-phobic cactus is back! Get through the mazes without getting wet and find the lost puzzle pieces.

The pieces are all chained together. Can you figure out how to slide them into the right position?

There are no enemies, timers, or impossible jumps in this game, just cubes in space. Plan ahead, take all the time you need, and reach the exit safely.

Link up with your fellow cubes! But make sure you can still fit through the passageways.

Flip gravity and send everything flying, including yourself! Flip switches to open doors and watch out for spikes as you fly through deep space.

Match enough gems of each color. Surround gems with your matches to create mega-gem power ups!

You're free from your egg shell! Sneak past the chefs and escape before they turn you into a chicken nugget.

Solve puzzles with your cat companion! It won't take orders, but it will chase after a ball of yarn.

You can control the platforms! Turn them on and off at the right time to reach the portal safely.

Power up the voxel bot and start hopping! Dodge enemy bots and spikes to get across the flying sky towers.

Slide, rotate and reach the star! Can you get Cub across the grid in all 61 levels?

You can't fly yet, you haven't even fully hatched! Get back to the nest without breaking your shell.

Hit the beach and show off your best soccer shots! Aim your kick to get all three stars and score.

You have the power to rearrange the world! Move platforms, jump over dangerous obstacles and reunite with the princess.

Untwist the tiles to reconnect the nodes. Can you spin your way out of this mess?

Every goal comes with a sacrifice! You'll have to get creative to reach the signposts without jumping or walking. 

Become a master of magnets! Push and pull the metal circles into the right positions.

Only an ancient artifact can end the blight on your village's crops. Explore dungeons and battle monsters to find it!

Gobble up shapes to grow your serpent. Can you line them all in the correct place?

A tactical test of attack and defense. Sharpen your sword, polish your shield and charge through the enemy blobs!

Master the elements! Learn new spells and use them to get past bees, slimes and lava monsters.

Take a walk in outer space! Just watch your step, the path will fall down behind you.

Keep your friends close. Then keep their friends close. Keep going until you have a huge friend blob!

What do you get when you combine a rhino and a turtle? Horns, a shell and a seriously unstoppable creature!

Flap your wings and you'll be flying in no time. But when you get tired you'll fall out of the sky!

The show must go on! Jump over treacherous gaps and leap through rings of fire to put on a great circus act.

Jump and blast your way through the wasteland. Find the keys and get out as fast as you can!

The factory is up and running again! Paint the balls and ship them out.

You're on fire! Melt the ice, light the campfires and most important, don't touch the other blobs.

Each day you can run a little faster, jump a little higher and get a little further. Can you reach the ultimate goal: the cake of success?

Embark on a floaty adventure with this family of bubbles. Find and rescue all of your bubble brothers!

Test your aim in online multiplayer! Race your opponent to get to zero first. You'll have to calculate your own score.

Fore! Aim and set the power to hit the perfect shot. Watch out for tricky slopes and water hazards.

Pizza's here! What fool decided to set up all these obstacles between you and the front door?

Building bridges made easy! Push the oddly shaped blocks to travel between platforms.

Here is the amazing running and jumping robotic fox! Dodge red spikes and use wind tunnels to hop to safety!

Don't believe us? Just try it. It takes some seriously smooth moves to get through all ten levels.

What's wrong with this wacky TV? Unscramble the puzzle to see the true image.

Build, bend and break your way through the human body! Make anything you can imagine with your trusty cube launcher.

Turn Freeport into the happiest town in the galaxy! Design neighborhoods so that humans, energy beasts and shapeshifters can live together in harmony.

Hook on a ring, build momentum and launch! Feel the air rush past you as you soar through the finish line.

Monsters... monsters everywhere. In the forests, on the beaches, in the caves. Do you dare challenge them all?

Grab your bubble gun and get going! Hop on your bubbles to grab berries and dodge spikes.

Fly your way to treasure! There are plenty of jewels and coins to be found, if you can keep your copter airborne.

Red and blue must work together to reach the stars! Push past tiles and through portals to get each to its destination.

Take control of the powerful gravity changer! Fly through space to complete the challenges and return to Earth in one piece.

Tumble your way past flamethrowers, spikeballs and falling platforms in this 3D World. Finish the mission before you crash and/or burn.

You are the new Agricultural Director for a growing colony on Mars! Can you build a farm that can withstand the harsh winters and brutal dust storms?

Line up your putt for a hole-in-one! Watch our for hills and water traps. Master the normal course, then take on the challenging one.

Another round of jigsaw puzzles for you to solve backwards! Use new exploding tiles to deconstruct the puzzles.

These animals are looking for a place big enough to call home. Help piece the houses together and move them in!

Use your trusty rope to swing through your home! Hook on a ring, build up momentum and get ready to fly!

Take Sudoku off the grid! Each level is a new shape waiting to be solved.

Use your mining bot to help the citizens of Ozark town. Find valuable resources underground and bring them back to the surface.

Reverse gravity or turn it on its side! Walk on the walls and ceiling to get through these platforming mazes.

Fly in every direction! Can you grab the coin and reach the door without getting swept away?

It's Christmas Eve, and Santa has a sleigh full of gifts! Plan Santa's route so he delivers all the gifts without crashing.

There's no way to stop moving on the icy ground! Jump over obstacles, rescue lost mice and birds, and find the missing keys.

Dash through the snow to grab all the gifts in time for the holidays. But watch out for where you're leaving your tracks.

He sees you when you're sleeping, but now he's the one sleeping on the job. Wake him up in time for his midnight ride.

Let's get rolling! Spin and turn down the path, dodging all the dangerous obstacles in your way. Try to set a new best time!

You're a ball. You can roll. And you can jump! Keep on rolling and jumping without falling into the endless void of outer space!

See a berry that's out of reach? No problem, you can rearrange the world and grab a snack!

Enter a puzzle world where you have not one, but many minds. Use them together to grab keys, unlock doors, and search for answers.

Ready for your mission, Captain? Dodge enemy missiles, grab the orbs, and unlock the portal before you become space debris.

Slide your way to matching colors. Connecting one color isn't too tricky, but can you match them all at the same time?

Test your split-second reaction time in this golf and pong mash up. Angle perfect shots to knock out all the targets without losing control!

Concentration, timing and precision. These are the keys to being a master monster feeder. Time your slices to get a tasty sushi dinner!

Don't say the magic words, spell them! Type out commands to cast magic spells and reach the goal.

A time-traveling gnome makes for a very good gardener. Work together with your past self to re-plant all the flowers.

Explore a huge mathiverse, chock full of equations. Grab the right numbers, watch out for traps, and hit the target score!

You've been warped into your own video game. Move to the beat, squash bugs in your code, and get back to reality!

Time to get swingin'! Use rope-like movements to light up the circles.

How did the cannon cross the road? Easy... it blasted itself with cannonballs!

Soar through the clouds and swim through the skies! Can you make it through all the temples and find the secret ending?

Get those pesky blockers out of your way! Clear a path from yellow to white in as few moves as possible.

The track is jumbled and out of order! Slide pieces to get it connected and roll the ball into the goal.

Zero everything out! Use addition, subtraction and clever placement to clear every tile.