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Play a variety of popular games

Interested in some action-packed gameplay? This playlist has a ton of options to choose from! Coolmath Games has so many exciting games to play, such as Copter Royale, Moto X3M, and Awesome Tanks. Any one of these games will have you glued to your screen as you play the high-speed gameplay. Explosions, fast reactions, intense gameplay, what’s not to love!

Strategy games are scattered throughout the Popular Games playlist as well, with games like Learn to Fly, Poptropica, and Bloxorz being some notable ones. All of these games require some patience to play, and you’ll have to set aside some time to beat all of them (especially Poptropica, we advise not trying to beat that game in one day). These popular strategy games are all challenging in different ways, but the common denominator is that you will have to take your time to think about the best choice to make. Every single one of these games can be beaten, it will just take some mulling over.

At the end of the day, the important thing is that you have a fun time playing our games. Whether you are swinging from a vine on Swing Monkey or sneaking into the Mayor’s building in Bob the Robber, we hope that you have a great time playing one of our games from the Popular Games playlist, like so many others have before. So go get playing, and make sure to give the games a thumbs up if you enjoyed them!

What is the most popular game on Coolmath Games?

The most popular game on our site is Run 3, the skill game where players must run across platforms in an attempt to make it to the other side. Don’t fall off, or else you will be launched into outer space. 

While it hasn’t quite taken off on Coolmath Games yet, Cut the Rope is an incredibly popular game that you may have heard of over the years. This puzzle game took off around 2010, especially on mobile devices. Its fun and clever puzzles make it fun for anyone who is a fan of logic games.

What are some fun games that are not on the popular games page?

These are just some of the most played games here on the site, but there are plenty of other fun games that you can check out that aren’t on the popular games page. A few recommendations are 99 Balls and Rocket Dancer, two fun games that take a great amount of both skill and strategy. Check them out if you are looking for something less mainstream.