More New Games

Jump and dash your way to glory and gold!
Jump high and make a fiery dash for the gold! Grab coins without falling off the map. Don't worry about your head, you might need to crash a few times.
See what it's like on the other side!
Run through the abandoned palace, or phase through the walls that are blocking you. Use your gravity-flipping powers to get through all 25 levels!
Run, jump and shoot with just one button!
This little robot can really jump! Upgrade your firmware with power-ups that let you double jump and shoot. Can you get to the teleporter?
Who says you can't have candy before bed?
Hop on dreamy clouds to grab all the lollipops before falling asleep. Think about each jump carefully, the clouds won't stay forever!
Heavy is the block who wears the crown!
Slip and slide your way to the treasure chest. Will you risk it and go for the crown first? Heavy is the block who wears the crown!
Can you get out before the walls close in?
Aim your fireball just right... then run as fast as you can! Get out of the dangerous lab before the walls close in.
Match 3 keys to set yourself free!
Match 3 keys to set yourself free! Push blocks and match colors to open the locks and reach the exit portal!
Grab your lantern and see what you can find!
It's a dark night in the forest. But the frog demands his share of flies! Grab your lantern and explore the spooky woods.
Turn evil monsters into yummy carrots!
These unlucky monsters will soon be rabbit food! Using your hare-raising powers, lure the evil beings into a very orange demise.
Why walk and jump when you can walk, jump AND teleport?
Why walk and jump when you can walk, jump AND teleport? Throw a part of yourself and teleport to it. Escape the treacherous dungeon in one piece!
Wake up and smell the flowers.
You can't walk, but you need to move... So get used to being pushed around. Time your jumps to reach the flowers!
Find all the clues to escape the loop!
This magical forest is never-ending... or is it? Explore every room and find all the clues. Can you uncover the secrets of the forest's enchanted citizens?
Take the leap into another dimension!
Jump through walls to reach the portal! There's always a way out, but you might need to switch dimensions to get there.
Run, jump, and collect all the cash!
Dodge spinning razors, bounce off jump pads, and collect all the treasure in sight! If you leave empty-handed, you're doing it wrong.
Draw lines to make everything one color!
Can you make every level a monochromatic dream? Draw lines across the circles to change their color. Careful, you only have a few lines to use!
Don't stop moving until you reach the surface!
There is light at the end of the tunnel. Jump, jump, jump and never stop moving until you reach the surface!
Defend against the siege!
Grimel's forces have descended upon these peaceful lands. Bring the party back together and defend the people against dastardly bands of goblins!
Flip, roll and stamp your color down.
It's time to put your mark on this game! Roll around and around to get the right side down and stamp your color.
Time to jet back to camp... in outer space!
Can you ace this flight exam? Rocket through planets outside our solar system. Navigate winding space mazes and get to the launch pad safely!
Get in the studio and write a hit track!
Get in the studio and write a hit track! Choose your instruments, set the beat, and you'll be jammin' in no time.
Hack into the terminal and grab the shards!
Hack into the terminal and grab the shards! Build your path and reach the exit without getting trapped in cyberspace.
Want to win? Get programming!
Hello world! Every challenge is a tiny program. Use loops and functions at the right time to beat each level and avoid the potatoes!
What lies at the top of the ancient tower?
This once beautiful land is now a barren wasteland. Climb to the top of the ancient tower to uncover the secret of the transformation.
Flip tiles, match numbers and light the stars!
There are two sides to every tile: blue and black. Flip them over in the right order to match the patterns and light up the stars!
Rescue your cat companions once again!
Captain Steve is back, now with a variable step count! Explore the space ship and save your cat companions, all before you run out of steps.
Save Pineapple... again!
Guess who's trapped at the top of a big tower again... Pineapple! Don't get blinded by the lights as you jump, dodge and surf to the highest floor.
Jump and bounce to burst some bubbles!
You're a little bubble trying to escape. Jump and bounce to burst the biggest bubbles! Can you get out without getting popped?
Use addition to make the numbers disappear!
Use addition to make numbers disappear! Plan out your moves wisely and make sure to get rid of every single tile.
Connect the dots in outer space.
Connect the dots in outer space. Grab green gems, dodge walls and separate solid squares along the way.
Build up your forces and save the forest!
Ready your defenses and stop these robots in their tracks! Build and upgrade Fire, Ice and Physical towers to save the forest.
Escape the wise-cracking AI!
You're trapped by a wise-cracking AI. Get out... by playing golf! The only hope for escape is your amazing golf skill. Can you outsmart the Computer?
Wield lasers to unlock gates!
You're stuck in a lab filled with lasers! But those same lasers are the key to your escape. Can you find the way out in every level?
Escape from the particle accelerator!
You're a living, sub-atomic particle stuck in an accelerator. Slip, slide, and push those pesky blockers to get to the electron outlet!
Put every shape in the right place!
These shapes aren't going to arrange themselves... every piece has its place on the grid! Can you put every one in the right spot?
It's like 2048, with shapes!
Merge shapes to work your way up from circle to star! How far can you get before you are boxed in?
Control the flow of time! Press rewind to solve puzzles.
Grab the Magic Cassette and control the flow of time! Push boxes and press buttons. If it looks impossible, it's time to rewind.
Slide the blocks to get off the grid!
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get off the grid! With the help of the portals, slide the blocks to clear a path to the exit.
Push mine carts and load them with crystals!
Another day working in the green energy mines... Load the crystals into the carts for immediate extraction! Plan ahead and try not to get stuck.
Build your way to the star!
Take level design into your own hands! Use moving blocks, TNT, super jumps and more to make a path and get the star.
You are Bob, box-pusher extraordinaire!
You have one job: push boxes where they need to go. Think carefully and find the right path to get the job done!
Discover a new way to play golf... with bombs!
Discover a new way to play golf... with bombs! Rocket-jump your way into the hole. Can you stay under par on this explosive golf course?
How fast can you spread the day's gossip?
Be careful not to start a rumor. You never know how quickly it will spread...
50 players start... only one can win!
50 players start... only one can win! Do you have what it takes to be the last golfer standing?
Get back to your gravity-flipping ways!
The little pink cube with the power to flip gravity is back! Get past the enemies and obstacles to reach the flag.
Connect the tracks and deliver the gold!
This train needs to get moving! Slide tiles around to connect the tracks and deliver the gold.
Don't hang around... or you'll fall off!
Don't hang around... or you'll fall off! Keep moving and jumping as the level disappears around you. Only the fastest will survive!
Transform blocks into your slime friends!
Touch blocks to transform them into your slime friends! Together you'll grab keys, press buttons, and unlock gates to find your way out!
Trace the lines to light up the night sky!
Light up the night sky by drawing the constellations! Can you solve these puzzles and connect all the stars?
Draw lines to lead the particles to the goal!
Your best friends in this game are your line drawing skills and gravity itself. Direct the particle flow to the boxes!
Hop in the cockpit and set a new record!
Hop in the cockpit and get ready to fly! Dodge obstacles and walls to get deeper into the cave.
Escape with your slime buddy!
When it comes to slime-riding, it's all in the timing. Press buttons and flip switches at the perfect moment until you get to the door!
Spin your cubes into place!
Spin the world around to get your cubes into place. If you're feeling dizzy then you're moving in the right direction!
Build your own platforms to reach the flag!
You're not the highest jumper, but you have a special power. Build your own platforms to reach the flag!
Spread the flames to save your fiery friends!
You're Igni... The hottest kid on the block. Launch fireballs, melt ice, and burn wood to save all your fiery friends!
This game is no piece of cake!
Eat all the things without losing all your lives! But be careful, every run is different. Dodge cannonballs, outrun crumbling floors, and avoid spikes!   
Walk, twist, and turn your way to the goal!
Get to the goal, one pivot at a time! It's like walking, but with twisting and turning thrown in. Watch out for those pesky enemies that go through walls!
Can you make jumps as the world turns?
This game is more than a world-turning game... you'll need planning and precision jumping skills! Spin the level around and jump to the exit!
Explore a mysterious alien planet!
You've crash-landed on a mysterious planet, and everything here is dangerous! Can you make it through the deserts, forests and caves?
Draw the car of your dreams!
Grab hold of the magic pen and draw the car of your dreams! Warning: Cars may not stay upright.
A delightfully ruthless word game!
Make your own words, and steal from your opponents! No words are safe in this ruthless game of anagrams.
Paint to escape!
Use your background-painting powers to make obstacles disappear! Run, jump and color swap your way out.
Think about your keyboard in a new way!
Just like every other game, use WASD to move and jump. I'm sure that will work...
Just a (really, really hard) platformer.
Wall jumps, double jumps, gravity flipping and more! Can you beat all four hubs and reach the final world?
It's a trap! Or is it? Who knows...
There are traps and obstacles around every corner. Can you jump and dash your way to safety?
Use your cannon to move backwards!
No legs, no problem! Use your cannon to propel yourself backwards... And knock out all the enemies while you're at it!
Grab your flashlight and find your lost dog!
Your dog ran away in the night... Grab your flashlight, follow the trail and find your pet!
Pause the world!
Press pause on the world! Take a moment to think it through, then run and jump to the finish.
It's sokoban, but on an infinite grid!
It's sokoban, but on an endlessly repeating grid! You're going to need infinite brainpower to solve these mind-bending, box-pushing puzzles.
Stretch and slide to get the tasty fruits!
An apple a day keeps the vet away! Contort your body to dodge obstacles and slither to the tasty fruits.
Bring all the colorful rings together!
Clear out the board by strategically placing and matching rings. Stack them, place them in a line... Plan ahead for big combos!
Don't run out of moves!
Make every move count... or else you'll be stuck without any controls!
Climb walls, climb upside down, climb the ceiling!
Get to the square-shaped portal! Flip, spin, and roll your way through. Use special platforms and movement to escape.
Divvy up the perfect portions!
Divvy up the perfect portions! Slice the donut into the right shape using as few slices as possible.
Rescue the miners before you run out of oxygen!
Ten miners are trapped in the cave! Dive in and rescue them all before you run out of oxygen!
Don't be square... take a shot!
Don't be square... take a shot! Study the board and plan ahead to pop all the cubes.
Defend your home from robot invaders!
Save your home from the invading robots. Ready your powerful defensive towers... but watch out for friendly fire!
Cut and fold the perfect boxes!
Can you turn a flat piece of paper into a perfectly folded box? Cut out the right shapes to advance!
Friends who party together, stick together!
It's the weekend, and your friends are coming over. Stick together and solve these puzzles of epic social proportions!
An all-new way to think about chess!
An all-new way to think about chess! Take your pieces off the board and move them past obstacles to capture the red king!
Load up your paint gun and start huntin' treasure!
Did someone call for a treasure hunter? Load up your paint gun and enter the caves to find the ancient gems!
Every level is a new mystery!
Our system has detected suspicious activity inside this video game. Interview the kooky cast of characters to find the source of the problem!
Create a path... with lasers!
Line up your lasers to reach the goal! Build your own path to get around the fire beams without getting burned.
Feel the rhythm, win the race.
Strap on your running shoes and your headphones. Feel the beat of the music to clear the hurdles and win the race.
Move and jump, upside down!
Run and jump around the square and use gravity to your advantage! Can you find the right moves to reach the portal?
Fling and sling your way to the goal.
Fling and sling your way to the goal! Use wacky contraptions to fly through 50 different levels.
Get to the floating cube.
FLASHBACK: Clone your Boxmen to get the floating cube. Sometimes the clones might run off the ledge... but don't worry about it!
Teleport through walls to free the prisoners!
The villagers got themselves locked away in chests again. Teleport through walls and over fireballs to set them free!
Are you licensed to drive heavy machinery?
Take control of the bulldozer and create chaos! Demolish all the blocks without driving yourself over the edge.
Flip blocks and wiggle to the finish!
Flip blocks on or off to reach the coin! Disrupt the enemy blobs to sneak past them, or send them crashing into spikes.
Switch dimensions to get all the coins!
Switch dimensions to change your powers! Enter shadow form to float and push blocks, just watch out for the scary chests.
Count your steps before you splat!
Count your steps before you splat! If one square runs out of moves, use another to push it to the goal.
Three heads are better than one!
Three heads are better than one! Combine their special powers to unlock doors and reach the exit.
Corral the chooks before nightfall!
The chooks are scattered around the farm! Use your all-powerful bark to round them up before nightfall.
Work. Coffee. Bathroom. Repeat!
Keep your business running and the electricity flowing. Manage your workers' essential needs to ensure they keep earning big bucks!
Can you escape? Find each room's secret.
Figure out the secret rule of every room! Can you make it to the final chamber and escape the facility?
Type words to reel in the fish!
The fish are really biting today! Type words to reel them in before they reach your boat and bare their teeth.
Have you ever wanted to be a planet?
Become a planet! Explore the galaxy, harvest resources, and make friends with a robot. Adventure awaits!
Stuff every piece into place!
The shapes are scattered! Can you stuff them all into the highlighted space?
Can you find the key?
Do whatever it takes to find the key on each level. Seems simple... until you get stuck!
Team up with your ghost!
Don't worry, your ghost isn't scary. Use it to get through these tricky puzzles!
Push and pull the charges into place!
Opposites attract and likes repel. Push and pull the charges into place!
Play Tetris with your tongue!
Play Tetris with your tongue. Make full lines and level up, just don't get smashed by the pieces!
Explore the secret network of pipes!
Learn the secret routes in the sewer! Scurry through pipes to grab all the coins you can find!
Serve up the right sushi!
Don't leave your customers waiting! Serve up the right sushi and keep your restaurant in business.
Monkey swing, monkey do!
Swing through the jungle from tree to tree! Beat levels to unlock new monkey skins.
Hit the slopes and watch out for trees!
Grab your skis and hit the slopes! Swing past the trees without crashing and set a new high score.
Don't let your battery run out!
Your battery is running low and there's no outlet in sight! Roll and jump to grab new batteries before your power level hits 0%.
Hop in your shell and slide!
Who says turtles are supposed to be slow? Hop in your shell, pick up speed and slide!
Opposites attract! Get (+) and (-) together.
Opposites attract! Line up your shot and connect the positive and negative ends.
Find your one true blob-mate!
How far will you go to find your one true blob-mate? Are you willing to dodge spikes and defy gravity?
Bring hot fire to the icy winter!
Feeling cold on these winter days? Fireblob is here to warm things up! Dodge angry blobs, melt the ice cubes, and light the fire to keep warm.
Work together in perfect harmony!
There are two sides to every tale! Work together in perfect harmony to reach the exit.
Flip tiles to the beat!
It takes memory and rhythm to crack this code. Feel the beat and flip the tiles before time runs out!
Transform to gain Fire and Ice powers!
Take control of powerful Elemental magic! Transform into Fire and Ice and knock these frowns upside down.
Venture down into the slimy dungeon!
Venture into the dungeon in search of treasure! Can you unlock the loot without getting slimed?
Blast asteroids and save the galaxy!
Calling all pilots... We are detecting dangerous levels of space activity. Take aim and wipe out the asteroids!
Learn to move, again and again!
Learn how to move again! Find your lost buttons and slither your way to the ending position.
Stay warm and grab the feathers!
Bundle up and set out on a wintery adventure! Jump and slide past spikes and grab all the blue feathers.
Match the shape before time runs out!
All you have to do is match the shape. The hard part is doing it before you run out of time!
Cast your line and reel in a legendary fish!
Looks like a nice day to go fishing! Cast your line and reel in a legendary fish. Earn cash to buy new hooks and skills.
Solve puzzles to explore the island!
You're stuck on an island, surrounded by a dense fog. Solving puzzles is the only way forward!
Every tree needs a present!
Help the man in red complete his Christmas mission! Find trees, solve riddles and gobble up some cookies.
Don't spill the ooze!
Don't spill the ooze! Line up your tubes to safely transport the toxic material. Make a longer path to earn bonus stars!
Paint the tiles red... and blue!
Are you afraid of the blank canvas? Fill in the white tiles in the right order to reach your color goals!
Step up and spin the wheel!
Step up and spin the wheel in this cool way to learn about probability! Guess higher or lower to win big points. Will you play it safe or risk it all?
Warp through mirrors to get back home!
Everything is connected! Warp through the mirrors to escape your dreams and return home safely.
Take a walk in zero-gravity!
Take a walk in zero-gravity! Use your wits and your grappling hook to float through space and reach the door.
Jump down the hill... if you dare!
The hill is covered in traps! There is fire and ice on the ground and monsters around every corner. Are you brave enough to face the challenge?
Jump, slide and survive as the rules keep changing.
Jump, slide and survive as the rules keep changing. Every section has a new challenge to master!
Bounce off the walls!
You can jump, but you can't stop rolling! Time your bounces to get between walls and into the portal.
Jump over spikes to get the cake!
This trip to the bakery is no cake walk! Jump and double jump over spikes and dodge lasers to get to your delicious prize.
The only way out is up!
Dive into the deep sea and swim back to the surface. Gobble up small fish to fill up your ink attack. Can you survive the underwater dangers?
Test your aim in online multiplayer!
Test your aim in online multiplayer! Race your opponent to get to zero first. You'll have to calculate your own score.
Spot the d1fference!
Quick! Can you spot the single d1fference? Click on the element that's out of place before time runs out!
Connect two lands as fast as you can!
Can you find the path to the other land? Rotate the tiles and connect the red and blue islands before time runs out!
Go small, go big, solve the puzzle!
Shrink down to mini-size and squeeze through small gaps. Or grow huge and push giant crates! Resize yourself to reach the exit.
Find your powers and jump to the finish!
You have to walk before you can run, jump, and push! Find your powers, pass the obstacles and reach the finish.
It's golf without all that pesky aiming!
In this golf game you don't need to aim! Slide your balls into the holes in as few moves as possible.
Get the colors to work together!
Do you know the color wheel? Get the colors to work together to grab keys and reach the finish!
Can you get all the pipes connected?
Can you get all the pipes connected? Find the right paths to fill in all the tiles without any overlaps.
Water all the flowers, but not the rabbits!
Can you water all the flowers without getting the rabbits wet? Use the right tiles in the correct order so that everybody gets wet... or stays dry!
Even more puzzles to solve in reverse!
These reverse puzzles come with all new pieces! Use arrows, explosions and rotating tiles to pull the puzzle apart.
Remove blocks by adding them up!
You've heard of addition by subtraction, but this game is subtraction by addition! Remove blocks by summing them up.
Take out the marbles before they roll to the exit!
So many marbles, so little time. Use your blaster to match colors and take out all the marbles!  
Find your friends and get to the party!
The big day is here! Explore the city, sewers, and hotel to find your friends and get to the party.
Stick on the ice and reach your partner!
Jump through the icy caverns to find your crystalline partner. Use your powers to stick to the ice and dodge the spikes!
Use magic powers to move giant platforms!
Use your magic powers to ride flying platforms! Dodge spikes and fly over lava to reach the flag.
Everything must add up to 9!
Keep adding up to 9 before time runs out! Can you chain combos and unlock all the tiles?
Mow the lawn alongside your mysterious twin!
Work together with your mysterious twin to mow the lawn. Can you finish without running over your own cord?
Connect nodes to build a path.
Connect the nodes to build a path. It's probably not going to be the shortest way from point A to point B.
Use the strange machine to copy the design!
Every level is a brand new design! Figure out how the machine works to make an exact copy of the pattern.
Chow down on tasty cupcakes!
You can eat every cupcake in sight. Just make sure to eat them in the right order!
Grab the coins and escape the dungeon!
You're trapped in a dungeon filled with spikes and toxic ooze. Can you grab all the coins and escape safely?
Connect the dots to light up the hexagons!
Connect the dots to light up the hexagons! Can you solve all 50 levels?
Stay out of the water!
The water-phobic cactus is back! Get through the mazes without getting wet and find the lost puzzle pieces.
Explore all-new temples!
Master the elements in the all-new Fire, Water and Wind Temples. Work together to collect the gems and reach the doors.
Link up with your fellow cubes!
Link up with your fellow cubes! But make sure you can still fit through the passageways.
Match enough gems of each color!
Match enough gems of each color. Surround gems with your matches to create mega-gem power ups!
It's as easy as 1-2-3!
You can control the platforms! Turn them on and off at the right time to reach the portal safely.
Can you twist your way out of this mess?
Untwist the tiles to reconnect the nodes. Can you spin your way out of this mess?