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More New Games

Match all the unique triplets!
Slide the snakes to escape the basket!
Arrange the tiles to light up the lines!
Reach your friend and give them a hug!
Slide the tiles onto the matching colors!
Find the thief and kick them out!
Can you solve the mystery in the secret lab?
Cast spells and free your friends!
Ready. Set. Slice! Chop up the shapes.
Draw a path to hit the target number!
Can you keep the board clear?
Fill the grid, but don't get stuck!
You only get one push. Use it wisely!
Can you fit all the pieces together to solve the puzzle?
Avoid the sunlight and save the ducks!
Escape the dungeon with your magic bow!
Slam the brakes! Don't let the cars collide.
Slide the boxes into place!
Follow the clues to find your pets!
Slither through the maze. But don't trap yourself in!
Use your helicopter-head to glide past danger!
How's your vocab? Fill the grid with words!
Use all your keys to reach the top.
Avoid the dangerous traps to escape your house!
Take apart the puzzle piece by piece!
A new twist on the classic game Sudoku.
Slide the happy blue blocks into the goal!
Outsmart the AI to get the squares.
Make the perfect shot and smash the targets!
Up for another challenge?
Deliver the cargo without crashing!
Flip gravity to get in the hole!
Connect the roads and light up the path!
Fly your plane and save the sheep.
Position your towers and blast enemy ships!
Draw shapes without getting crossed up.
Sneak across falling platforms!
Upgrade your tank and take out your foes!
How do you even steer this thing?
Jump and bounce to hit switches and break bricks.
Climb the mountain and grab the berries!
Click, click, click! Pop the ornaments quickly.
Pull out your best tricks to stop the evil magician!
The digital version of the pencil-and-paper classic.
Swap cards and make the high hand!
Wake up and save the day!
Enter the dungeon... if you dare.
Wait for the right moment to run.
How far can you get on one tank of fuel?
Use your best tactics to blast the aliens!
Fix the spaceship with your platforming talents!
Decorate your pumpkin with the right colors.
Nobody likes yellow. Paint the screen red instead!
Rescue your little piggy!
Help Tom find the hidden treasure!
Keep it up in the air!
Connect the hexes to complete the pattern.
Leap off walls and flip gravity!
Grab your fireman's hat and put out the fire!
Round and round you go...again!
Shoot balls of light to find the way forward.
Smash zombies and pumpkins!
Zip across the field. Slide into the target.
Avoid the obstacles, shoot and score!
Start as a plankton and move up the food chain!
Grab on and pull yourself up!
How much can you do in three seconds?
Our slithery friend is still hungry for apples.
Poof! Fill every square.
Push past lasers and slide into the exit.
Feel the beat, not the molten lava!
Jump your block off!
Stretch and slide to make the right shape!
Be the first to play all your tiles!
Build an intergalactic trade network!
Keep pushing until you get the treasure.
Slice the food into equal portions.
Crush cakes, spell words, and score big!
Ca-ching! Make trades to turn wood into gold.
Do you speak robot? Get your bot to the flag.
Connect the numbers and hit the targets.
Can you multitask? Use your left and right hands at the same time.
Blast the towers out of your path.
Read the angles and smash the bricks.
Explore the ocean floor and drink up some bubbles!
Stay out of the light!
Blast the enemy tanks with all new weapons!
Can you speed read? Move fast and beat the clock.
Match four in three different modes!
Become a master sushi chef!
Match blocks with help from the magic genie!
Don't lose your marbles!
Build a flying contraption and reach the stars!
Push through the grid.
Bounce across gaps ahead of the timer.
Race to make the right shape!
Enter the cave and leave with the gold!
Stomp the baddies, eat the candies!
Block the ball with your body to set a high score!
Keep shooting until you score!