More New Games

Slide your way to matching colors.
More than a by-the-numbers adventure!
Jump into the wind but don't get swept away!
Can you deliver the gifts without crashing?
Find the lost keys!
Dash through the snow!
He's sleeping on the job!
Slide down the mountain!
Use your rope-swinging skills to rescue the bees!
Sneak through the shadows.
Knock down the royal dominoes!
Let the rhythm move you... literally!
Time-traveling and gardening, a puzzling pair!
Stretch the line to cross the spikes!
See if you can climb your way out of this!
A six-sided twist on 10x10.
Together, they can accomplish anything!
Get those pesky blockers out of your way!
He's more than your average cube of goo.
Zero everything out!
Find words that match the theme.
Grab the keys and escape the evil Time Lord!
Get across before the floor gives out!
Redirect gravity to fly into the portal!
Build your deck and set your heart free!
Pop bubbles to free the baby mushrooms!
Don't let the shadows take over!
Make a color chain to score big!
Can you put yourself back together?
Hop on your bike and prepare for a scary ride!
Do you feel a chill in the air?
A rescue mission in outer space!
Launch balls at both armies!
Grab the key and get out!
Freeze molten lava and jump to the finish!
Let's get rolling!
Deliver your message before it's too late!
Use the overlapping area to hit the target sums!
Stay out of the water!
Ring in the Lunar New Year!
Run, jump, slide, and dive into the flag!
Can you reach the top?
Continue the search!
Grab a cue and take your best shot!
Grab your jetpack and get ready to rotate!
Spell your way down the tower!
Slide the roads to get your car home!
A twist on the classic gem swap game.
Bounce along the twisty tower.
Guide the laser beams to their target!
Make smart moves to capture the tiles!
Earn your pilot's wings!
Grab power-ups and smash all the bricks!
Play the classic game or the all-new action mode!
Can you get a hole in one?
Can you survive the all-new Wild Safari challenge?
Rotate platforms to reach new heights.
Use your trusty gravity cannon to escape the lab.
Zoom from line to line and grab the coins!
Make blue your new favorite color.
Lose your "head" escaping this dungeon!
Simon says: escape the lab!
Stack and match colors to get the high score!
Swap minds to see new realities.
The black cat is back!
Crash! Knock over all the cubes.
Oh yeah! Smash through the walls.
Twist and spin to light up the towers!
Push pumpkins and get candies!
Ahoy! Find the hidden treasure.
Can you keep the power on?
Collect enough stars to surround the moon!
Just like the title says... fill every square!
Dodge enemy missiles and reach the portal.
Keep adding dots to hit the target number!
Split your focus and control two characters!
You can't jump. But you can move mountains.
More than just addition! Stack and hit each target.
Solve questions and land difficult jumps!
Come on into the spelling party!
Duplicate the cells under your microscope.
Welcome to the dungeon, the WASDungeon, that is.
You don't find solutions... you build them!
Put your steady hands to the test!
Connect tiles to output the right sums.
Out-think the robotic defense system.
Solve puzzles, smash bad guys!
Work with your reflection to defy gravity!
Feed the multicolor dragon.
Flip gravity and reach the flag.
Float and fly by flipping gravity!
Unscramble the letters to find hidden words!
Find the pattern to turn the screen black.
Clear the board and see the night sky.
Can you add a square and a triangle?
Rotate the world and use your jetpack!
Simon says... test your memory!
Think you can ride this eel?
There are a million ways to build a bridge!
Program your ship to cross the finish line!
Find treasure before the monsters wreck your drill!
Grab your bike and hit the pool!
Crunch numbers to collect coins.
Brave the steep cliffs to find your stylish pals!
Race through danger to deliver the mail!
The fastest memory game ever!
Trap the triangle, save the square!
Grab your dinner without getting wet!
Help the workers deliver their packages!