New Strategy Games

Climb the color chain to get a high score!
Link up colors to get a high score! Climb the color chain from red to green to blue and beyond. How far can you get?
Defend against the siege!
Grimel's forces have descended upon these peaceful lands. Bring the party back together and defend the people against dastardly bands of goblins!
Protect your gems!
The evil robots have returned and are threatening the safety of the forest. Power up your Fire, Ice and Physical towers and protect your gems!
It's like 2048, with shapes!
Merge shapes to work your way up from circle to star! How far can you get before you are boxed in?
Build up your forces and save the forest!
Ready your defenses and stop these robots in their tracks! Build and upgrade Fire, Ice and Physical towers to save the forest.
A delightfully ruthless word game!
Make your own words, and steal from your opponents! No words are safe in this ruthless game of anagrams.
Defend your home from robot invaders!
Save your home from the invading robots. Ready your powerful defensive towers... but watch out for friendly fire!
Draw the car of your dreams!
Grab hold of the magic pen and draw the car of your dreams! Warning: Cars may not stay upright.
Wield powerful fire magic!
Continue the adventure to stop the evil wizard Vriegol! Play your cards well to cast powerful fire spells.
Farm, chop, and mine your way to riches!
You're in charge of the farm! Grow and sell crops to expand your business and meet your goals.
Don't spill the ooze!
Don't spill the ooze! Line up your tubes to safely transport the toxic material. Make a longer path to earn bonus stars!
Have you ever wanted to be a planet?
Become a planet! Explore the galaxy, harvest resources, and make friends with a robot. Adventure awaits!
Make the right moves to conquer the battlefield!
Long live your King! Capture structures, battle enemy soldiers, and defeat the forces of Darkness!
Hack 'n' slash with cards!
Here come the goblins! Ready your deck and choose your cards wisely to defeat the evil hordes!
Put your memory skills to the test!
Put your memory skills to the test! Level up your stats between rounds to set a new high score.
Cast your line and reel in a legendary fish!
Looks like a nice day to go fishing! Cast your line and reel in a legendary fish. Earn cash to buy new hooks and skills.
Stack and match colors to get the high score!
Stack and match colors to make combos and get a high score! Place your squares strategically to keep your board clear.
If you've played "Sorry!" this should look familiar.
If you've played "Sorry!" this should look familiar. Knock out your opponents as you race your way to the finish line!
Step up and spin the wheel!
Step up and spin the wheel in this cool way to learn about probability! Guess higher or lower to win big points. Will you play it safe or risk it all?
Find colorful patterns of endless length!
Find colorful patterns of endless length! Go for a high score in three different game modes.
Match enough gems of each color!
Match enough gems of each color. Surround gems with your matches to create mega-gem power ups!
Feed a new colony in the harsh climate of Mars.
You are the new Agricultural Director for a growing colony on Mars! Can you build a farm that can withstand the harsh winters and brutal dust storms?
Dig down for valuable resources!
Use your mining bot to help the citizens of Ozark town. Find valuable resources underground and bring them back to the surface.
A six-sided twist on 10x10.
A six-sided twist on 10x10. Master the hexagonal board to clear lines and set a new high score.
Build your deck and set your heart free!
Build your deck with swords, shields, heals and more. Play them wisely to crack the locks before your heart breaks.
Don't let the shadows take over!
Time is of the essence! Gather resources, build up your city, and stop the darkness before it covers everything.
As easy as 1, 2, 3... 10!
If you can get to 2048, getting to 10 should be no problem, right? Match tiles to count up to 10.
Let's get rolling!
Let's get rolling! It may not look like much at first, but we have a feeling you'll be earning trillions of points in no time.
Knock down the royal dominoes!
Set them up and knock them down! Use your limited dominoes to create a chain reaction and topple the king!
Design the perfect land for your kingdom!
Match deserts, grasslands, forests and more to build the perfect kingdom. Think fast and get a new high score!
Upgrade your copter and be the last one flying!
Outlast your opponents in the ultimate copter arena. Grab upgrades and superpowers, avoid the toxic fog, and be the last one flying!
Build the ultimate brick-busting machine!
Ever play Breakout? Build the ultimate brick-busting machine! Buy and upgrade balls to destroy billions of bricks.
Ready, set, bake! Piece together the perfect cake.
Combine ingredients to complete the recipe and score bonuses. Can you piece together the perfect cake?
Can you keep the board clear?
Line up dots of the same color to keep the board clean. How many points can you get?
Fill the grid, but don't get stuck!
Master the art of shape-fitting! Use your blocks to get a high score without running out of space.
Position your towers and blast enemy ships!
The enemy mother ship is approaching! Build a maze of powerful towers and defend your gold.
Use your best tactics to blast the aliens!
This isn't your grandfather's game of chess. Launch your pieces into orbit and blast the invading aliens!
Upgrade your tank and take out your foes!
Can you drive and aim at the same time? Defeat enemy tanks to get powerful upgrades and build your super tank!
Swap cards and make the high hand!
Swap cards to get the high hand! Can you knock out your opponents and win the game?
Grab your fireman's hat and put out the fire!
The fire alarm is ringing! Time to grab your hose and rush into danger. Blast water into the smoking windows and put out the fires as quickly as you can!
It's the classic game. Empty your hand first!
Empty your hand first in this classic game. Play with eights wild, or add action cards like Reverse, Skip and Draw Two to spice things up!
The digital version of the pencil-and-paper classic.
Add some color to the pencil-and-paper classic! Can you outsmart the computer and fill the board with your boxes?
Start as a plankton and move up the food chain!
Start as a lowly plankton and build your way up the food chain! Plan ahead and use your special moves to discover new animals.
Crush cakes, spell words, and score big!
S-W-E-E-T! Can you ace this sugary spelling test? Match cakes, spell words, and use power ups to score big points and complete the objectives.
Cha-ching! Make trades to turn wood into gold.
Why work harder when you can work smarter? Make clever trades to turn wood into gold. How much can you earn with a few clicks?
Build an intergalactic trade network!
Welcome to the intergalactic market! We've got all sorts of exotic space goods for sale. Can you build a thriving outer space economy?
Explore the ocean floor and drink up some bubbles!
A feast of bubbles awaits! But you'll have to get past some sea monsters first. Make smart moves to reach the rainbow bubble safely.
Match four in three different modes!
Match four to free the spirits! Watch the numbers closely and get a new high score before any blocks tick down to zero.
Grab your scoop and serve up cookie sundaes!
Scoop and serve ice cream cookie sundaes in New York City. Can you make your ice cream cookie sundae into the next New York food fad?
Match blocks with help from the magic genie!
Be careful what you wish for! Slide the blocks to make full rows. Call on the magic genie if you get stuck, but it won't help you forever.
Race to make the right shape!
Get ready to rotate! Move the squares quickly to recreate the falling shapes. Don't fall behind or else they will stack up fast!
Be the first to play all your tiles!
Play your tiles before you get blocked by the bots. Play classic dominoes or show off your arithmetic skills with All-Fives!
Escape before you are blown to bits!
Welcome to the space arena. Think strategically to survive waves of enemies and collect their loot. Save up to buy the key and escape!
A gem-blastin' adventure on the high seas!
Adventure awaits on the high seas! Set sail and start matching to earn treasure and defeat the monsters of the ocean.
Play your cards right to defeat the monsters.
Play your cards right to send the monsters packing! Use the special skills of your party to defeat the dungeon boss.
Create color combos on all four sides.
Examine the blocks and then start stacking. Use all four sides of the square to connect colors, create combos and destroy the blocks.
Craft the tools you need to survive!
You're shipwrecked on a deserted island! Craft tools to harvest stone and gold. Do you dare to challenge the monster that haunts the island?
Build long tube chains, then blow them up!
Tubes are falling from the sky! Stack and connect them to build chains. Then use the special ball to clear as many out as you can.
Build a flying contraption and reach the stars!
3...2...1...Blast off! Earn enough cash to build a rocket and fly into outer space.
Escape from the shark-infested waters!
You're going to need a bigger boat! Reach the buoy to escape from the hungry sharks.
Use your enemies' weapons against them!
Study your enemies closely. Master their movements. Find the perfect time to strike and reach the crystal prize!
Blast the enemy tanks with all new weapons!
Turn on the engine and fire the cannons! Blast your enemies and grab their cash. Make your tank ultra-powerful with new weapons and upgrades!
Stack same-colored robots to clear the factory!
The robot-making machine has gone haywire! Stack same-colored robots to clear the factory floor.
Launch snowballs. Destroy icy structures. Get cash.
Upgrade your firepower! Earn cash by destroying snowmen and spend it to power up. You'll be launching rockets into space in no time!
Build a thriving colony on a far off planet.
Earth has been destroyed! It's a good thing you teleported to a new planet. Gather resources and build a colony.
Match colors to cast spells. Fight back the vikings!
Defend your castle from the invading viking hordes. Click long chains of matching tiles to unleash your powerful wizard magic!
How many planes can you handle?
How many planes can you handle? Launch jets into the crowded skies of Mumbai. Time your takeoffs carefully so they don't crash!
Build a subway and keep the trains running on time.
Become a mass transit mastermind! Connect the stations to keep London's subways running on time. Grab your maps, lay some track, and get to work!
Outsmart your opponent in the game of X's and O's.
Play the classic game of X's and O's vs. the computer or a friend. Then try to get four in a row on our super-sized 5x5 grid.
Connect four consecutive chips to win!
Play with a friend, or against three different computer opponents. Can you beat the hardest AI?
Deploy toy soldiers to defend your base!
Deploy your toy soldiers to defend your home! Protect your base from waves of enemy tanks and infantry to unlock powerful upgrades.
Help the penguin prepare his test dummy for takeoff!
After his crash landing, the penguin has decided to use a test dummy for his next experiment. Use sleighs, gliders and rockets to destroy the iceberg!
Save Mother Tree from the evil spirits!
Defend Mother Tree from hundreds of evil spirits! Build an army of plants and stop them in their tracks.
Fill the rows and columns with colorful bricks!
Fill the board with bricks! How many points can you score before you get stuck?
Free the birds before they become dragon food!
Use your slingshot to line up matching birds and set them free before they are eaten by the dragon.
Play Chess against the computer or your friends!
Checkmate! Play the classic game of strategy. You can challenge the computer, a friend, or join a match against another online player.
Buy signs and put Filthy Burger out of business.
Jay has opened a new burger cart, but two other guys took his burger spot! Buy signs to advertise Jay's burgers and put them out of business!
Hop in your tank and destroy the enemy base.
Hop in your tank and get rolling! Defeat enemies, collect money, and buy tank upgrades. You'll have to spend your money wisely to beat the tougher levels.
Hop in your raft and defend your treasure.
After finding hidden treasure buried on the beach, Simon and his brother have to defend it from pirates, vikings, and other treasure thieves!
This Flash game is back! Grab your glider and fly!
FLASHBACK: Grab your glider, strap on your rockets, and learn to fly! Help this penguin figure out how to fly like other birds.
Use your stealthy skills to sneak into the tower.
Use your stealthy skills to break into the tower and capture the loot! How far can you make it before you get caught?
Become a master sushi chef!
Papa Louie opened a new sushi restaurant in Sakura Bay and you're the head chef! Grab your rice, sharpen your knife, and get ready to roll!
You're the CEO of a new construction company.
You're back as the CEO of a new construction company. Decide which construction projects will make the most profit and build your truck fleet!
Are you a Tic Tac Toe pro? Try this version!
Think you're a Tic Tac Toe pro? Try this version, which is like a game of Tic Tac Toe inside a game of Tic Tac Toe. Confused? You have to try it!
Use your armies to conquer the world!
Rally your troops to conquer territory in this Risk-like game. Capture neutral territories to build your economy and then attack the enemy base!
Like the Papa's games? Craft swords and shields!
Do you like the Papa's cooking games? Craft swords, bows and shields to equip heroes and defeat monsters in this awesome crafting adventure!
Roll the dice, bank points, and push your luck.
A great dice game of both skill and luck. Roll the dice, bank points, and decide whether to keep going!
Get to the end before time runs out!
Get your team of five men to the end of the level. Using one man at a time, open doors and remove obstacles for the other members of your team.
Can you make it all the way?
Dig deep into the earth, collect rare materials, and craft upgrades so that you can dig deeper. How deep can you go before time runs out?
Cut the boxes up and get rid of the white arrows.
Cut up the boxes so that all of the ones with the white arrows get knocked off the screen. Each box is pulled in a different way by gravity!
Help Diggy dig to the center of the earth.
Help Diggy find the wandering truffle and dig to the center of the earth. Collect ore, fossils, and other items as you dig, and sell them to upgrade Diggy's gear.
Draw lines to fill each cup with sugar.
More Sugar? Draw lines to pour the sugar through funnels and upside down in the craziest Sugar, Sugar game yet!
Knock down the towers of taunting blocks.
Knock down the towers of red, yellow, and green blocks. Earn stars and unlock new balls which are more powerful but cost more points.
This Flash game is back. Golf in outer space!
FLASHBACK: Want to play a round of golf, in outer space? Knock your golf ball through the arch with as few strokes as possible.
Grow your civilization.
Grow your civilization during the Bronze Age. Collect food, research technology, defend yourself from other civilizations, and build a world wonder!
Place sliding tiles to clear the colored blocks.
Place colored tiles onto the board to clear the gem tiles and enter the mystery temple!
Ram the bad vehicles off of the screen and park!
Help the good vehicles ram the bad ones off of the screen and get to the parking spots! Each vehicle has special powers to help you solve the puzzle.
Blosics is back! Knock down the towers of blocks.
Blosics is back! Fling balls at the towers of blocks to knock them down and reach the target score. Each shot costs points, so use the smallest ball you can.
Slice up the jelly blob in as few moves as possible.
Slice the jelly blob into pieces so that no pieces have more than one star. Try to do it in as few moves as possible!
Knock down towers in this crazy physics game.
Knock down towers of green blocks in this crazy physics game. Each shot costs points, so plan carefully and use the smallest ball possible.
Grab your wrecking ball and tear down buildings!
Look out below! Grab your wrecking ball and tear down buildings in as few moves as possible.
Can you get the ball into the portal?
Can you get the ball into the portal? You'll need to aim and time your shot to win. Warning: Once you hit level 8 it gets a lot tougher!!
Papa Louie wants you to run his Donuteria!
Papa Louie wants you to run his Donuteria! Use time management and math skills to help make great donuts that your customers will love.
Help A.P. Butterworth run his butter factory!
Help run the butter factory by filling as much of the warehouse floor as possible with the puzzle pieces. Can you do it?