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New Strategy Games

About Skill Games

These Coolmath strategy games take some serious planning. Put your thinking cap on and play free games like tower defense, match 3, idle games, and more.

About Skill Games

Test your skills in this fun and action-packed playlist. Strategy games are among the best games that we have here at Coolmath, and those with patience and curiosity are well-suited for this playlist. The Strategy Games Playlist contains a large variety of subsections, including tower defense games, endless puzzle games, and construction games. 

What are some fun strategy games?

In the Strategy Games playlist, you will find many of the classic games that you know and love. Some of the strategy games that you probably already are familiar with include Tic-tac-toe, Four In a Row, Chess, and Checkers. While most of these games are easy to learn and very fun, they also require a great amount of practice for users to become truly great at them. In fact, some people spend their whole life practicing some of these games and still feel like they haven’t completely mastered them. 

One of the best attributes that all of these games have in common is that they can all be played with friends. So grab a friend and play one of these classic strategy games. We also have blogs on how to play most of these games and strategies for them, feel free to check them out when you have the time.

Are there any new strategy games in this playlist?

Along with the classics, there are a lot of new games on the Coolmath Strategy Games Playlist that you probably haven’t played yet. Tetroid 3 and Toy defense are among the more action-packed games on the playlist. These games are all about protecting your territory against the enemy and are full of nonstop action. 

If you’re looking for something a bit calmer, you can also check out the Figure It Out Games at the bottom playlist, which includes games like Faraway and Hangman. These are games that are more on the tactical side of things. Players are able to take their time more on these games. 

Despite this more relaxed gameplay, this doesn’t mean that the games are any easier. It still takes a great amount of strategy to come out on top, and you can expect to have a great time while playing. At the end of the day, all of these games require clever tactics to win, and you are sure to have a great time playing them. 

What are the different types of Strategy Games?

There are tons of different subsections of our Skill Games Playlist. Unleash your inner business owner by playing games like Papa’s Pizzeria or Lemonade Stand. If you want to test your brain more, we recommend that you give our Endless Puzzle Games Playlist a look. 

The Strategy Games Playlist is extremely varied, so just explore around. From Idle Games to Match 3 Games, you might be surprised by just how much variation there is in one simple playlist.