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Time your bumps and get to the goal!
Buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride! Bump, dodge and slide your way to the goal.
Connect four chips ahead of your opponent!
Connect four chips in a row to win! Practice against the computer or take your skills to the big leagues in online multiplayer matches.
Draw your way to the flag!
Draw your way to the flag using your magic pen. Whether you need a boulder, ramp or catapult, if you can draw it you can use it!
Stretch your arms to push and pull blocks.
The Grab-bot comes equipped with state of the art arm-stretching technology! Push, grab and pull blocks into the proper place.
Spell the words correctly before time runs out!
With all these letters, find each word as if your life depended on it! Make sure you're quick, you don't have much time.
Drop the ball in the bucket!
Use spinning gears and falling platforms to drop the ball in the bucket! Find the right path down the middle so your ball doesn't end up on the floor.
Dip, duck, and dodge all those squares!
Being the lone circle around these squares means trouble! Dash around the incoming squares and make them collide to earn points.
Hey! Who turned off the lights?
The power is out and the factory has gone dark! It's up to you to push boxes, align the batteries and shed some light on the situation.

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Grab your legendary sword and slash blocks!
It's not easy to be a block-knight. Grab your legendary sword and slash your way into the portals!
Bob is back! And now he has more thieving skills!
Sneak through houses, hide in the shadows, hack into laser security systems and solve the case of corruption in the city!
Eat the apples. How long can you survive?
Ever played the classic game Snake? Eat the apples to grow your snake as long as possible. But don't hit the wall or eat your own tail!
Get Ball to the basket safely!
Activate the power bounce! Can you find a way over the spikes and past the guards to jump into Basket?
Sorry, you can't play this non-game.
This is not a game. It is not fun. Please do not click it.
Bring your best golf swing to this crazy neon course!
Hole in one! Line up your shots to get a low score. Bring your best golf swing to this crazy neon course.
Shoot hoops, but with a cannon.
Shoot basketballs out of a cannon into the hoop! But you'll need to clear your path first!
Do your math and spend wisely.
One of the most awesomest games ever. You're going to have to move fast and buy lots of upgrades to win this one! Do your math and spend wisely.
Choose your category and find the hidden words!
Choose your category and find the hidden words. Think you're a super word sleuth? Try the ultra-hard maniac mode!
This rock is ready to roll! Gain momentum and jump.
Roll the rock to its destination. Use momentum and gravity to pull off jumps and reach new heights.
Slide wooden blocks and roll to the goal.
All you have to do is roll to the goal. Move the wooden blocks to make a path and then watch your ball roll in.
Save your pineapple from evil Big Square!
Your pineapple is trapped at the top of a huge tower! Jump over pits of lava and dodge dangerous traps to rescue it.
Bullseye! Aim your grabber to reach the target.
How high is your critter IQ? See how few moves it takes you to get this little IQ Ball critter to his target!
Eat the leaves and escape!
This caterpillar may look friendly, but these puzzles are just mean! Can you worm your way to safety?
Slice the sushi.
Are you a master sushi chef? Slice the flying sushi in half, but stay away from the bombs! How long can you last?
Challenge the computer or try online matchmaking!
Play vs. the computer or join a match against another online player!
Add like numbers to win this one. Can you make 2048?
2+2=4... 4+4=8... 8+8=16... 16+16=32... How long will it take to get up to 2048? Can you add like numbers to win this one?
Move the other cars to escape the parking lot.
It's rush hour and you're stuck in the parking lot. Move the other cars out of the way so you can reach the exit.
Launch zombies through obstacles!
Launch zombies through obstacles in this very cool puzzler. Take aim at the happy faces and let those rag dolls fly!
Connect pipes of the same color.
Connect all pipes of the same color. The pipes can't cross, and you have to fill all of the space with pipes!
The Pig is on the loose! Can you catch him?
The pig is on the loose! Help prevent him from escaping by placing stone walls to block his path.

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Fill in the spaces with the right numbers.
The highly addicting number puzzle. Three difficulty levels to choose from, unlimited boards to solve!
Can you bend the light?
Can you bend the light? Use your mirrors to control the reflections. Light up all the targets!
Slide across the grass and get in the hole!
Slide and score! Use the walls to change direction and roll to the hole. You'll need to figure out portals and other obstacles to get there.
Flip every tile from red to blue.
Is blue your favorite color? Use your flips wisely and turn every last tile blue.
Find matching robots and smash them together!
This laboratory was built for explosions! Find robots with matching patterns and smash them together.
Grab the keys and free your friends.
Your friends are trapped in the boxes! Follow the arrows and slide the boxes onto the keys to set them free.
Fill it all. Don't miss a spot!
X marks the spot! Fill up every space and finish on the X. It starts simple until you need to use portals and jumps to draw the right path.
Slice the food into equal portions.
Sharing can be fun! Figure out how to slice the food into equal portions. Be a perfect slicer and earn three stars!
Connect the symbols to free the birds!
The mystical birds are trapped inside the stone tablets. Use your powers to connect matching symbols and set them free!
Are you a Tic Tac Toe pro? Try this version!
Think you're a Tic Tac Toe pro? Try this version, which is like a game of Tic Tac Toe inside a game of Tic Tac Toe. Confused? You have to try it!
Dig up gems and get rich!
Assemble your train tracks and set your cart in motion. Dig up gold and diamonds and get rich in the mines!
Climb the ice tower.
Merry Squarmas to all and to all a good night! Climb the ice tower to meet the mysterious Father Squarmas.
Help the Icesters reach land safely.
Help the Icesters reach land safely! Watch out for exploding red blocks and face-swapping purples.
Help Moley grab the gems and reach the exit.
Moley needs your help getting home! Build a path for him to climb, jump and fly to the exit safely.
Solve more color-iffic puzzles.
The color jelly-blobs are back! Make them all the same color in 20 color-iffic puzzles.
Strap on your running shoes and reach the exit!
Strap on your running shoes! Jump over dangerous spikes and hungry bears to collect coins and reach the exit!
Ready, set, splat! Race to the finish.
How do you find an invisible wall? Throw paint at it! Run, jump and splat your way to the finish before you run out of paint.
Use electricity to power up the targets.
Power up the targets by turning on the right circuits. Be careful not to overload them with too much electricity!
Save the stranded astronauts!
The astronauts are stranded in deep space. Jump in your spacecraft and pilot the rescue mission.
Can you fit all of the hexagon shapes together?
Test your spatial recognition skills! Arrange the shapes so they all fit inside the puzzle.
Connect the ends of the circuit to give it power!
The wires are all jumbled and misplaced! Place them in the correct order to return power to the circuit.
New levels, same crazy basketball action!
Ready. Aim. Fire! Turn levers, flip switches and warp through portals to score a basket in this crazy physics game!
Build a thriving colony on a far off planet.
Earth has been destroyed! It's a good thing you teleported to a new planet. Gather resources and build a colony.
Bend your mind to solve this 3-D maze.
You'll have to think 3-dimensionally to find your way through these mazes! Shift your perspective to find a way out.
Build a subway and keep the trains running on time.
Become a mass transit mastermind! Connect the stations to keep London's subways running on time. Grab your maps, lay some track, and get to work!
Reach the exit safely. But don't break the rules!
Flip the switch and reach the exit safely. But don't break the rules! Every level has a new set of rules to follow. 
The rocks are alive! Turn them back to stone.
The totems came alive and split apart! Arrange these odd shapes into perfect squares to turn them back to stone.
Collect the candy in this mechanical world.
Help the little blue critter collect his candy in this strange mechanical world. Grab gears, boxes, and other objects to pull the critter towards them.
Transform into a slippery block of ice!
You have the power to transform into a slippery block of ice! Use it to slide around the levels and reach the exit.
Find Dr. Acorn's lost headlamp.
Every good doctor needs a headlamp. But yours is lost in the forest! Find it so that you can get back to work.
Defend your fortress from the invading fleet!
The enemies have called in reinforcements. Only you can defend the island! Upgrade your crossbow and sink their ships.
Outsmart your opponent in the game of X's and O's.
Play the classic game of X's and O's vs. the computer or a friend. Then try to get four in a row on our super-sized 5x5 grid.
Keep running to reach the shelter.
Don't look back! Keep running and jumping through this mysterious landscape.
Make the right jumps to get down to one.
This puzzle game dates back to the 17th century. Can you find the right moves to get down to one?
Find the right path to gather the blue gems.
Assemble the arrows and make the perfect path! Can you collect all of the alien treasures?
Help the foxes reach their den safely!
Are you crazy like a fox? Use gravity to remove blocks and help the foxes reach their den safely.
Explore the caves with this slimy secret agent!
Agent Green is on the case! Explore a mysterious cave and discover the greatest tomato recipe in the world!
Smash these sticky jellies together!
Smash the sticky jellies together. Combine them to make new shapes, stick to walls, and solve puzzles.
Draw shapes to zap aliens with lightning magic!
Use your lightning magic to stop the aliens! Draw shapes quickly to defeat them all.
Place laser alarm systems to guard the artifacts.
The museum had a break in, and now they need you to install a new laser system! Place lasers to cover the entire museum floor.
Get the hamburgers to the hungry shapes.
Dish out the tasty hamburgers to the hungry shapes! Feed them all and don't let them fall.
Bump the red blocks off the map!
Every piece has a special power! Use their powers together to bump all the red blocks off the map.
Hop over the other rabbits to make them pop!
The rabbits will hop until they pop! Jump one over another and make them disappear.
Slice, chop and cut the perfect pizza toppings!
To be a Pizza Ninja, you must be quick and precise! Dodge the bombs and slice the tasty toppings to make the perfect pizza pie!
Make the characters into a big happy family!
The whole family is here! But they don't always get along. Place them around the house so they are all happy.
Rotten eggplants have infested the world!
The world is infested with evil eggplants! Jump over them and use your magic dust to restore the peace.
Shift and slide matching tiles together.
The colorful hexagons need to be stacked up. Follow the arrows to move them on top of each other.
Don't burn up!
The floor is a burning ball of fire! Jump across the platforms and collect parts for your spaceship! 
Pop the water drops to make huge chain reactions!
Pop one to pop them all! Fill the water balloons and make crazy chain reactions!
Connect four consecutive chips to win!
Play with a friend, or against three different computer opponents. Can you beat the hardest AI?
Help the fox find all the treasure!
Help the fox collect all of the treasure in the magic forest! Switch between night and day to find the right path.
Detect all of the mines!
Like Minesweeper? Use all-new sweeping abilities to find the mines!
Smash the bricks and find cool power ups!
Can you smash all of the bricks? You will find a ton of cool power-ups to help you do it!
Become the biggest snake in the forest!
Gobble up as many apples as you can! But the big snakes are hungry too. Don't let them eat you!
Get all of the sand into the bucket.
One of our coolest games! Tip the maze back and forth to get all the sand into the bucket. Once you start, you won't be able to stop.
Run as far as your alien space suit will take you!
Leap for the stars! But don't forget to avoid the lasers and spikes along the way. How far can you get?
Help the sumo wrestler join the clean plate club!
This sumo wrestler is so hungry that he can't eat just one piece of sushi. Help find sets of matching types to give him a full meal.
Your goal is simple: remove orange and save green!
Every orange must go! Solve physics puzzles to rid the screen of orange blocks and save the greens.
Erase all the dots in a limited number of moves!
The grid is full of dots. Plan your moves carefully and clean them all up!
Help the monkey find his bananas!
The monkey's bananas are trapped! Shoot the right bubbles to free his dinner.
The classic card game is here!
The classic card game is here! Take the fewest points and win the game. Watch out for the Queen of Spades!
Fill the rows and columns with colorful bricks!
Fill the board with bricks! How many points can you score before you get stuck?
Soar above the clouds. And try not to crash into them!
This crazy plane is hard to fly! Avoid the obstacles and reach the hangar safely!
Deploy toy soldiers to defend your base!
Deploy your toy soldiers to defend your home! Protect your base from waves of enemy tanks and infantry to unlock powerful upgrades.
They jump on their own! Don't let them fall!
These little faces can't stop jumping! Help them collect all of the stars.
Who let a monkey fly the plane?
There's a monkey in the cockpit! Help him collect balloons and stay in the air!
Twist and turn to match the pattern!
Twist and turn the rows to match the pattern. Can you crack the code? 
Bring power back to the robots!
The robots are stranded and need your help. Connect the matching machines to turn them back on.
Find chains of matching fruits to make big combos!
Find the longest chains of connected fruits. Can you collect enough fruit before you run out of moves?
Can you find two copies of every animal?
Can you find two copies of every animal? Play the classic game of concentration.
Bubble popping action with a twist!
This bubble popper comes with a twist. Make the right shots to pop them all and hit the gold star!
Help the chipmunk family prepare for hibernation!
These chipmunks need to eat! Chew through blocks of wood to make crazy collisions and help the chipmunks find food for the winter.
Run through the obstacles to get to the burger!
Run through the maze and obstacles to get to the burger stand. You only have 60 seconds, so you better start running!
Help! Untangle the lines as quickly as possible.
Help! Someone has crossed all of the lines! Help untangle all of the lines as quickly as possible.
Grab your shades and collect the bananas!
Help this cool jumpy monkey collect his bananas! You can't make him stop jumping, so you'll have to jump your way to the exit.
Get to the hole safely, without crashing!
Ready, set, Snake! Get your snakes back to their pits safely. Plan your route carefully so they don't crash into each other!
Help reunite the pairs of creatures.
These creatures have been shipwrecked on an island in the middle of the ocean! Help each creature find the way to its mate.
Free the birds before they become dragon food!
Use your slingshot to line up matching birds and set them free before they are eaten by the dragon.
Cover the board with your color in this classic game.
Control your moves and cover the board with your color in the classic disc-flipping game.
Match and defeat hordes of monsters.
The kingdom is being attacked by hordes of monsters! Grab your sword and match monsters of the same color to defeat them.
It's a jumping game, but with no jump button.
Jump your way through hundreds of levels, and even make your own! Only one problem: there's no jump button.
A very cool car driving game!
A very cool car driving game! Use the rescue vehicles to push all the dark, enemy vehicles off the screen. You'll have to do some planning on this one!
Change shape and knock the red wereboxes off!
Transform circles to squares and back again. Outsmart the red wereboxes and knock them off the screen!
A cross between tetris and match-three!
A cross between tetris and match-three! Drop the gold to form more gold... then turn the gold into emeralds and more. Plan ahead to win. Extremely addicting!
Help the blowfish grow and drive the monsters out!
Peace in the aquarium has been shattered. Help the blowfish grow and drive the monsters out of their home.
Meet the Doods! Make blocks of the same color.
Meet the Doods! Slide the jelly blocks around the grid to connect all blocks of the same color.
Escape from the temple!
Use your wits to help the explorer escape the temple. Move blocks and stairs, activate switches and make it to the door to find the exit.
The classic single player card game.
The classic singleplayer card game. Choose your difficulty, and see if you can stack all four suits, Ace to King!
A great matching game with balloons!
What's the biggest group you can pop? Pop groups of three or more balloons to earn points! Watch for special icons to help increase your score.
An easier twist on the classic game.
An easier twist on classic Solitaire. Play with 1, 2 or 4 Suits and try to remove all of the cards from the board!
You're a Special Intergalactic Painter.
You're a Special Intergalactic Painter. Paint the entire space platform, but avoid the defense systems!
Pop the bubbles as fast as you can!
Ready, aim, fire! Aim bubbles and connect matching colors to clear them as quickly as you can. It keeps getting harder! Can you keep up the pace?
Shoot the skeletons to break all the chicken eggs.
Shoot the skeletons out of the cannon to break all the chicken eggs. Yeah, that sounds like a normal thing to do.
Use the rescue vehicles to push the enemies off.
A great sequel to Vehicles! Use the rescue vehicles to push all the dark, enemy vehicles off the screen. Each vehicle has a special power!
Nom nom nom! Eat those mangoes!
Nom nom nom! Climb walls, jump over spikes and eat those mangoes!
Collect all the cheese. Use each tile only once!
Collect all of the cheese. You can only step on each tile once, so you'll need to plan ahead in order to collect them all!
Help the divers reach the ocean surface.
Help the divers reach the ocean surface by removing the blocks of coral in their way.
Delete jelly blocks of the same color. Sound easy?
A fantastic game from the maker of the hit Gluey games. Delete blocks of jelly of the same color... The bigger the block of jellies, the more points you'll get!
Use the paint to fill the capacitors.
It's a science project. Move ramps, bends, and other objects to fill the capacitors with colored paint.
Get rid of all the colored candy.
Ready, aim, shoot! Line up your shot and knock off all the colored candy with as few shots as possible.
Knock off all of the red monsters!
Help the blue and green monsters knock off the red monster blocks. Each monster has a special ability.
Plan ahead! Make the square boxes hit the yellow circles.
Plan ahead on this great puzzler! Seems simple enough: Make the square boxes hit the yellow circles. The first two levels are easy... The rest? Not so much!
Capture the magical fern flower.
Help Alfi, a young forest spirit, explore the forest and capture a golden flower that can grant any wish.
Slice up the jelly blob in as few moves as possible.
Slice the jelly blob into pieces so that no pieces have more than one star. Try to do it in as few moves as possible!
Get the monster to eat all the cookies!
Similar to our B-Cubed game, but with cookies! Can you figure out how to get the monster to eat them all?
Remove all the blocks, except the green guy.
Good show, sir! Clear all of the colored blocks from the board, except for the green gentleman. By Jove, it's a jolly good time!
Spot the gentleman that's not like the others.
See how fast you can spot the gentleman that looks or behaves differently. Can you beat round 5?
Help Alarmy wake up his monster friend.
Alarmy has crash landed on a strange world full of sleeping monsters. Help him wake them up!
Shoot the skeleton out of a cannon, again!
Break all of the eggs by shooting skeletons out of the cannon. Don't let any eggs fall off the screen!
Clear all of the cards from the table.
Know any tricks? Clear all of the cards from the table in this fast-paced card game. Combo cards by clicking them in sequence to make them disappear!
The Thing is hungry, and he's following you.
The Thing is hungry, and he's following you around. Leave a trail of food for the thing to eat, but try and place food on all of the tiles!
Get all your pieces off the board.
Race to get all your pieces off the board in this classic game.
Try this version of 2048 with Fibonacci numbers!
Love 2048? Know the Fibonacci numbers? 1, 1, 2, 3, 5... It's easy. We'll teach you!
Feed this hungry snake!
Help the snake feast on all of the delicious cupcakes. But make sure you get back to the hole safely!
Stack the cards into the right piles.
Stack and sort cards in this classic Solitaire variant. Can you get all of your cards onto the pile before time runs out?
Remove the right numbers from the grid.
Remove numbers from the grid so that the numbers in each row or column add up to the right total.
Clear a path for your jelly blob.
Help this lost jelly cube escape the Arrow Station. Turn arrows, jump over gaps, break blocks, and disable laser beams quickly to clear his path.
Place lights to light up the night.
Help, it's dark in here! You have a limited number of bulbs to light up the entire room. Can you figure out how?
Type words to survive waves of enemies.
Type words quickly to defeat waves of enemy spaceships. How long can you survive? GREAT for working on your typing skills!
Train your brain with these fun minigames!
Need a mini mental workout? Get started with these practice games, and see your scores improve as you play!
Remove blocks and letting physics do the rest.
Connect your blue block to a blue platform by removing other blocks and letting physics do the rest.
Really great for your timing and planning skills!
This game will really test your timing and planning skills. Just retract the hooks without letting them touch. It starts out easy, but gets much more difficult!
Help Fox reunite with his buddy Roll.
Help Fox reunite with his ball buddy, Roll. Clear all of the obstacles in their path.
More fun with Fox and his ball buddy Roll.
Fox and his ball buddy Roll are back. Remove blocks and help them reunite!
Swap blocks and knock the red ones off.
It's block swapping madness! Figure out how to knock off all of the red shaped blocks while keeping the green ones safe.
Place sliding tiles to clear the colored blocks.
Place colored tiles onto the board to clear the gem tiles and enter the mystery temple!
The hardest Monsterland game yet!
Are you ready for a challenge? It's the hardest Monsterland game yet! Help Junior and his baby sister wake up their big brother block.
Get the robot to the finish line.
Program the robot to reach the finish line by placing turns, tubes, portals and more in his path!
Relaxing Mahjong matching, but with ducks!
Love animals? Match the tiles as quickly as you can in this relaxing mahjong game.
Help the monsters reunite and collect the coins.
The red jelly monsters have been stranded on an alien planet! Help them reunite and find coins along the way.
Piles and piles of Mahjong tiles.
Match the tiles to delete them in this classic board game. With multiple board layouts, you’ll never play the same game twice!
Bounce on and break all of the blocks!
The bouncy blue block destroys the other blue blocks it touches. Hit the blue blocks in the right order to destroy them all and make it to the red block.